DBM Vircon – 2022 Highlights

DBM Vircon reflects on 2022 highlights and look forward to welcoming the new year and achieving greater success.

DBM Vircon Develops Sustainable Niche

DBM Vircon’s steady ascent over the past five decades has helped lift the business to the finishing line at this year’s RISE Business Awards, with the digital engineering firm named the Medium-sized Business of the Year.

Everything Coming Up

Project Finalist in the bSI openBIM Awards 2019

ASI Case Study and Steel Excellence Awards Presentation

Reconstruction National Award – Wells Street Bridge

Short Span Merit Award – Mill Creek Bridge

Major Span National Award – Hastings Bridge

Big Winner in the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018

Major Span National Award – Sellwood Bridge

Reconstruction National Award – RFK Bridge

Advanced Design in Steel Australia Magazine