Delivering High-Profile Projects Worldwide

DBM Vircon has provided design, detailing, and integrated project services
to a variety of industries globally for over 55 years.

Our services allow us to assist in developing complex and large-scale designs, provide high-quality detailing, and complete engineering reviews for specialized industrial equipment. We develop truly innovative and ground-breaking solutions using cutting edge technology and creativity for various industries –

  • Transportation
  • Cultural Venues
  • Government
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & Mining
  • Energy
  • Conventions, Events & Stadiums
  • Education


Cultural Venues

As our cities and regions grow, it’s more important than ever that communities remain connected through reliable transport networks. Our multi-disciplinary approach and technical expertise has helped deliver major bridge, airport, rail, road, and port projects across the globe.

DBM Vircon is proud to contribute to the rich cultural landscape of cities around the world. From concert halls and theatres, through to museums and libraries, our highly skilled team ensures that the construction of these important institutions is streamlined and de-risked.


Commercial & Residential​

Governments ensure that our cities and countries run efficiently and serve people effectively. DBM Vircon has provided services to many public entities, either as a direct consulting engagement or through a combined service offering for major infrastructure projects with industry partners.

The spaces in which we live and work define our lives. So, it’s vital that they are well designed to meet our changing needs and lifestyles. Not only do we understand the requirements of modern commercial and residential buildings, we provide the data-centric 3D models required to make these high-use builds constructible, efficient, and innovative.


Industrial & Mining

With growing populations and an ageing society, healthcare facilities are playing an increasingly vital role in our communities. Governments and health authorities are facing rising costs that must be met with innovative solutions for the design, construction and operation of hospitals, medical centres and research institutes.

Increasing global demand for commodities continues to exert pressure on industrial and mining companies to operate at the most competitive cost possible. Leveraging the latest integrated software solutions and processes, our collaborative approach delivers cost and schedule certainty, and improves site readiness, reliability and maintenance needs.


Conventions, Events & Stadiums

Global energy markets are transforming. With increasing pressure from consumers and governments alike to reduce carbon emissions, the demand for sustainable, renewable energy sources is greater than ever. Working collaboratively with the entire project team, we can facilitate transparency and enhanced decision making for better construction and asset management outcomes, as well as long-term savings.

DBM Vircon has been involved in some of the world’s most iconic sporting stadia, convention centres and entertainment districts. We understand that these types of venues require a holistic, collaborative approach to ensure that competing demands—from aesthetics, functionality and construction cost, through to sustainability and ongoing management—are rationalised.


Having an inspiring and enriching environment in which to learn can drastically change educational outcomes. With expertise in complex projects and a focus on leading-edge technology, our approach adds value across the asset lifecycle, from design and construction, to operation and maintenance. DBM Vircon is proud to contribute to the creation of innovative educational spaces around the world.


DBM Vircon has provided design, detailing and integrated project services to the global mining, minerals processing and oil and gas industries for over 40 years. Our range of services allows us to assist in developing complex and large-scale designs, provide high-quality detailing, and complete engineering reviews for specialized industrial equipment.