Reinforced Concrete Modeling and Detailing

3D Modeling

Our exceptionally precise 3D models integrate intelligent data, allowing precision on-site and off-site fabrication. By introducing rebar detailing early in the design phase of your project, DBM Vircon can ensure the predictability and accuracy of the drawings and shop-bar ready lists.

This expedites concrete and rebar erection, reducing rework, delays and RFIs.

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Comprehensive reinforced concrete models

Whether it’s cast-in-place culverts, pre-stressed bridge girders, precast parking garages, composite stadium construction, mega infrastructure projects, or tall skyscrapers, our experienced team is well positioned to support all concrete and rebar modeling, detailing, and estimating needs.

Our clear and comprehensive reinforced concrete models and/or rebar placing drawings allow extensive design communication, coordination, and information transfer among project stakeholders to help validate project details. This results in reduced ambiguities, fewer field changes and improved quality while enabling faster rebar fabrication and nassembly leading to expedited erection of reinforced concrete structures.

Our accurate bar lists and bar bending schedules, generated from our models and drawings, facilitate scrap reduction and diminished waste, allowing for productivity gains while minimizing environmental impact.

3D Modelling

DBM Vircon can provide data-rich concrete and rebar models that facilitate clear design communication, coordination, and information transfer. With precise 3D modeling, we integrate intelligent data for accurate on and off-site planning, procurement, fabrication, and erection of concrete and rebar for all types of projects.

2D Detailing

Our comprehensive rebar field placement and shop drawings ensure ironworkers and steel fixers have access to accurate, easy-to-read blueprints for the placement of reinforcing bars, including:

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Our comprehensive, bar-by-bar quantity take-offs allow you to provide detailed, accurate quotes for successful bids. With the capacity to estimate large tonnages of rebar, our clients rely on our timely and accurate data, focused on:

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