Block G1

CLIENT: Baker Concrete Construction
LOCATION: Tampa, Florida, USA
project overview:

The building entails wide, column-free floor spaces and encompasses approximately 440,000 square feet of enclosed floor area. The total building height is about 310 feet.

Block G1 Project Overview:

The Block G1, 1001 Water Street project consists of the construction of a 20-story office building with a first-floor retail component, a second-floor Wellness Centre, 17 floors of office space, a penthouse on level 20, a main equipment room above the main roof, and an elevator machine room two levels above the main roof, for a total of 23 levels above grade.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

Almost 1,750 tons of rebar was modeled on this fast-paced project by the DBM Vircon’s team in Tekla. About four hundred 2D placing drawings were generated to aid rebar field placement. The project entailed rebar modeling of complex mat foundation and vertical structures with heavy reinforcing steel. The team paid special attention to facilitating pre-fabrication and tying of off-site rebar cages. 3D modeling of this project using Tekla allowed our customer for better collaboration among trades and helped identify conflicts before the construction began. Our team was also involved in modeling rebar on a similar structure near this project called Block F South.

Sandeep Mathur