Construction Project Visualization & Modeling Services


Blending visualization technology, engineering precision and creative flair, DBM Vircon works collaboratively with clients to create 3D visualizations across the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle.

Our visual products deliver real-time, realistic and technically accurate representations of complex projects, resulting in increased levels of communication, clarity and engagement for all stakeholders.

Early identification of design intent, constructability issues and clashes, help eliminate costly fixes and schedule delays while enabling prompt and cost-efficient delivery.

Digital Visualization - Brisbane International Cruise Ship Terminal
Custom Animation Services


Experienced working with complex models or creating custom graphics from the ground up, DBM Vircon has the ability to visualize and manipulate an existing or custom built model in the 3D environment to help clients communicate complex information to a variety of stakeholders.

During the planning stage, animations can be utilized for technical storytelling, with 3D flythroughs expediting approvals and augmenting marketing and public engagement activities.

Animations can be created to communicate construction mythology, erection and crane sequencing, site logistics and haulage routes. We can even create animations for maintenance and shutdown protocols to reduce schedule slippage and mitigate safety concerns.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Our virtual reality and augmented reality models enable you and your client to experience and visualize the project ahead of construction, facilitating the expedition of design review and sign-off procedures. They enhance proposals and tender submissions, as well as marketing materials and PR efforts. They also serve as useful tools for your design teams when reviewing perspectives, scales and usability.

A wide variety of models – from generic masses for spatial awareness, to photo realistic renders for presentations and customer engagement—are available in our custom designed virtual reality and augmented reality platforms.

3D Visualization


Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Our gamified product can be used for various purposes, from training and education, through to design and communication.

In the Digital Built Environment, gamified products are typically used to create a Digital Twin—a real life model that can be tested, explored and refined so that it is as close to real-life as possible. Users can interact with the gamified product through various means, including consoles, PCs and mobile devices.