DBM Vircon has decades of experience providing comprehensive project implementation plans and solving complex construction problems.

Our 3D modeling detailing and digital engineering services add value throughout the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle, from initial scoping and 3D visualization, through to holistic ongoing asset management. This facilitates governance, transparency, and enhanced decision-making for better project outcomes and long-term cost savings. With a multidisciplinary approach, DBM Vircon is equipped to deliver your entire project with solutions such as – 

  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Steel Modeling & Detailing
  • Reinforced Concrete Modeling & Detailing
  • Digital Engineering
  • Visualization
  • Industrial – Engineering & Design
Pre-construction Planning Solutions

Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning can help you bridge the gap between design, engineering and fabrication. Utilizing collaborative techniques like early engagement, design development, design secondments and integrated design-detailing, DBM Vircon ensures that steelwork can be easily fabricated and erected for cost and scheduling certainty.

By undertaking this type of work early on, the steelwork can be assessed and confirmed during design rather than construction. DBM Vircon can pinpoint cost effective solutions that may not be feasible once construction commences.

Pre-construction planning helps eradicate the value engineering that is so typical of Design-Bid-Build projects. It helps keep your project on time and on budget, without the aesthetic, size or functionality compromises that are a necessary evil of the value engineering process.

Steel Modeling and Detailing

DBM Vircon’s expert steel detailers make design constructible, translating information from clients and designers into live, data-centric 3D models and accurate shop drawings.

With expertise in complex projects and a focus on leading-edge technology, our approach reduces human error, all but eliminates rework and schedule delays, and minimizes the communication breakdowns typical of a traditional 2D environment. The result? Scheduling and cost certainty for the entire project team.

Industrial Engineering & Design - Jimblebar
Academy Museum Motion Picture - David Geffen Theater

Reinforced Concrete Modeling and Detailing

With industry leading expertise in estimating, detailing, and modeling of complex reinforced concrete construction projects, DBM Vircon plays a pivotal role in helping move projects from the design phase to the construction phase. Having successfully delivered iconic projects globally in various sectors around the world, you can confidently partner with us to support all your reinforced concrete modeling, detailing, and estimating needs.

Supplemented by stringent QA/QC procedures, we can help eliminate field placement errors, while allowing information transfer among project stakeholders to help validate project details. This results in reduced issues, so rebar fabrication and assembly can be expedited with fewer changes in field.

Digital Engineering

Our digital engineering services add value at every stage of the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle, from initial scoping and 3D visualization, through to holistic ongoing management. With our agnostic software and centralized data mapping, facilitate collaboration by breaking down silos, clarify decision-making, de-risk construction, and streamline project delivery.

Working collaboratively with the entire project team, we can facilitate governance, transparency and enhanced decision making, for better project outcomes and long-term savings.

Digital Engineering - Queen's Wharf Brisbane
3D Animations Simplify Complexities and Improve Safety Outcomes


Blending visualization technology, engineering precision and creative flair, DBM Vircon works collaboratively with clients to create 3D visualizations across the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle.

Our visual products deliver real-time, realistic and technically accurate representations of complex projects, resulting in increased levels of communication, clarity and engagement for all stakeholders.

Early identification of design intent, constructability issues and clashes, help eliminate costly fixes and schedule delays while enabling prompt and cost-efficient delivery.

Industrial – Engineering and Design

DBM Vircon provides Structural, Mechanical, and Piping engineering, design, and consultancy services, from FEED and detail design through to the shop detailing phase of the project. Utilizing the DBM Global family of companies, DBM Vircon can provide an integrated turn-key approach to design and construction work packages within the minerals and mining, oil and gas, non-process infrastructure, and utility sectors.

Our team of highly experienced, industry-respected professionals can support projects both domestically and internationally within the Oceania, Asia, and North American regions.

Industrial Engineering Solutions - Yandi Sustaining


DBM Vircon has provided 3D modeling, detailing and digital engineering services to the global mining, minerals processing and oil and gas industries for over 55 years. Our range of services allows us to assist in developing complex and large-scale designs, provide high-quality detailing, and complete engineering reviews for specialized industrial equipment.