Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

Our digital engineering services add value at every stage of the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle, from initial scoping and 3D visualization, through to holistic ongoing management. With our agnostic software and centralized data mapping, facilitate collaboration by breaking down silos, clarify decision-making, de-risk construction, and streamline project delivery.

Working collaboratively with the entire project team, we can facilitate governance, transparency and enhanced decision making, for better project outcomes and long-term savings.


Once your project scope is defined, DBM Vircon can undertake a capability assessment of your suppliers, to create a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan for your project’s digital requirements. We’ll work with you to position these requirements commercially, and ensure they are achievable.

With a strategy and management plan in place, DBM Vircon will actively implement and manage the complete digital environment, including inductions, training, audits, commercial reviews, and facility management integration, as well as capability reviews of consultants and contractors.

Digital Twins & Asset Management

Digital Twins

Our open agnostic software solution captures every fundamental element of your asset. This way, your Digital Twin is fit-for purpose throughout the entire Design-Build-Manage lifecycle. Plus, its easy-to-understand interface enhances efficiencies when interrogating and interpreting the live environment.

DBM Vircon works with you to ensure that your model remains proprietary. We actively collaborate with governments and industry leading research networks to remain at the leading edge of rapidly changing protocols and regulations.

DBM Vircon can deliver an end-to-end IoT enabled 3D interface, providing integration across:

Federated Data Sets

DBM Vircon’s federated models streamline communication between, and coordination of, project stakeholders. In a federated model, separate elements (like data sets or pre-existing models) are integrated to support clash detection, design review, stakeholder engagement, quantity take-off, cost control, and more.

Our collection of defined model uses, workflows and modeling methods ensures specific, repeatable, and reliable outputs. The result is a digital asset that accurately reflects the facility to be built and managed.

Data Analytics

In the current age of information and technology, data is at the core of so many industries. The DBM Vircon team combines deep construction domain knowledge, stemming from years of specialist BIM experience on major construction and infrastructure projects, with cutting edge technology and coding expertise.

We can make the most of the powerful blend of conventional databases and their structured data, with the agility of API connections and flexible coding such as C# and Python. This enables adaptive data flow, and once this data is connected, we can help you understand the limitless possibilities the data can provide.

DBM Vircon considers the capture, analysis, and application of data as the driving force behind the future of the digital built environment. We believe data is one of the greatest assets to projects, and when managed properly, can provide huge benefits. We understand the fine balance between not having enough data at hand for objective decision making and an overwhelming amount that is unmanageable or unusable. Our BIM experience allows us to pinpoint and structure valuable project data for a variety of uses by different stakeholders throughout the project.

Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction modeling allows you to visualize your design concept and construction sequencing, and iron out constructability or erectability issues.
Virtual trial fit-up and erection helps your design team and steel fabricator work together more efficiently.

The 3D preconstruction model allows both teams to view complex details and confirm accessibility for welding and bolting prior to fabrication. Rebar, concrete, MEFP and several other trades can also be modeled during preconstruction. All this reduces clashes so fabricators can deliver accurate steel the first time – no rework required.

The benefits of preconstruction planning and modeling include:

Design & Construction Modeling and Documentation

While working predominantly in Revit, our multi-disciplinary team are able to create models and documentation that can be leveraged across planning and design, construction, remediation works, visualization, asset management and various other areas.

We can provide assistance in multiple industries and categories:

Whether as an addition to a company’s existing capacity, or to assist with works required in more streamlined businesses, our team can create models to increase the clarity and efficacy of your project.

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