Perth Children’s Hospital

CLIENT: John Holland
LOCATION: Perth, Western Australia
project overview:

The Perth’s Children’s Hospital provides state of the art clinical care for future generations and facilities for pediatric research. It holds 298 beds, inpatient and outpatient care, ambulatory services and will house the State’s first paediatric trauma center.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon was responsible for the entirety of the BIM strategy, implementation and management for the project, and located BIM managers directly within the client, John Holland‘s, project offices. Acting as an extension of the contractor team, DBM Vircon implemented BIM solutions ranging from initial model setup and coordination strategies, through to 4D simulations, 5D cost extraction and work packaging, and ultimately the transition of the fully as-built model to the customer’s facility management solution. These integrations within the project team enabled DBM Vircon to maximize the utilization and benefit of the project BIM environment which included many individual models being updated and coordinated on a weekly basis.

Projects Challenges/Highlights

167 separate models were created in various authoring software platforms and from a number of consultants, ranging from design consultants to sub-contractors. A key requirement for the project was an accurate and complete BIM model with all appropriate information for use in the management and maintenance of the facility after construction was completed. This is an example of BIM to FM (BIM to Facility Management). This required a facilities maintenance model that was dimensionally accurate, showing as built conditions as well as all fabrication, construction, installation, testing and commissioning information, with appropriate data to coordinate and cross reference to the facilities management and maintenance systems.

Alastair Brook