South Flank

LOCATION: North of Western Australia
project overview:

Located in Area Mine C, North of Western Australia, South Flank is a $4.5 billion iron ore mine which is to sustain production as the ageing Yandi mine operated by BHP becomes exhausted over the next five to ten years. The total production with the addition of South Flank will rise to 80 million tonnes/annum, adding to the current transport of 800 barges a year from Port Headland – thanks to other surrounding mining conglomerates.

Digital Engineering Scope of work:

• Data Audits and Monitoring
• Extracting Model Data for IPT distribution
• Material Take Off’s (Site Wide)
• Model Federation and View Reports
• Data Visualisation & General Reporting
• Assisting in the development of a BHP database
• Generating Data Transfer Templates
• Engineering Support (IFF File Management)
• 50 Facilities processed for MTO’s, containing >2000 Modules


• Use backend processing to expedite the extraction of data
• Utilise skilled data specialists to develop a platform to house data overrides.
• Create an interface to manage MTO outputs, allowing for full flexibility when specific data requests are made (I.e. exclude x and y sections types, but only for Facility B).
• Provide coherent and easy to follow audit reports for ESP’s (Broken down by facility or Module).

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