Hope Downs 4 Mine

CLIENT: Rio Tinto
LOCATION: Pilbara, Western Australia
project overview:

The Hope Downs 4 Mine (HD4) is a long term, high volume producer of high quality iron ore from the Pilbara region of Western Australia, situated approximately 30 km north-west of Newman and approximately 40 km south-east of the Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs 1 (HD1) mine. Ore production at the HD4 Mine increased capacity by 15Mtpa.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon’s scope of work included shop detailing and 3D BIM modeling of structural steel and mechanical plate work. This includes shop detailing of all structural steel work, bins, hoppers, conveyors, transfer stations and all other fabricated items required for the process plant as well as design assist and detailing of pipe supports on the filtration, scrubbing and screening and thickener areas.

Facilities in the processing plant included primary crushing, wet scrubbing and screening, filtration and classification, secondary crushing, dry product screening, waste fines thickening, product sampling facilities, stockpiling of lump and fine products and reclaiming and train load out.

Hope Downs 4 Mine Highlights & Challenges:

With the aid of iConstruct, DBM Vircon issued over 300 Model Reviews tracking client comments. This invaluable information assisted with proof of design, scope change, and health and safety. This benefited the entire schedule of the project.

Our team assisted KBR in the design, detail & clash checking of nearly 600 individual pipe supports & secondary steel members over 3 areas (Scrubbing & Wet Screening, Classification & Thickener). Over 40 Tonnes of pipe supports & secondary steel were detailed with 423 isometric piping drawings line checked for supports.

DBM Vircon and KBR group worked as a team to resolve problems continuously, from schedule delays of design, changes to protocols, re-design, construction requirements and restrictions of manpower the two teams worked together as one to achieve great results. DBM Vircon also assisted with late design changes to mitigate schedule slippage.

David Dawson