Bellevue Office Tower

CLIENT: Puget Sound Steel
LOCATION: Bellevue, WA
project overview:

Bellevue Office Tower building encompasses over 400,000 sq. ft. including outdoor terrace areas. The total building height is about 260 feet.

Bellevue Tower Project Overview:

Bellevue, the 929 Office Tower is a 19-story mixed-use building that offers tenants a set of amenities, technology, and finishes like a high-end hospitality experience. The certified LEED Core and Shell Gold project was built on the emerging dense, mixed-use character of Downtown Bellevue, balancing its traditional auto-oriented commuter pattern with increasing levels of pedestrian and residential activity. When built, it was first in Bellevue to meet the new state energy code, and among the first in the world to offer tenants interactive “smart” technologies to control lighting, elevator calls, and air conditioning through phone apps.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

Working with Puget Sound Steel, DBM Vircon’s scope of the project included the modeling of all reinforced concrete elements on this project and worked closely with the contractor and fabricator for collaboration. This project includes two blocks of a Tower structure and a Parking garage structure. The project was a fast-paced assignment involving a 19-story structure with foundation elements such as columns, shear walls, staircases, slabs, and a roof slab. This project required the detailing of several complex retaining walls and basement wall structures. The existence of a rock face along the retaining wall in the parking structure added complexity in determining the wall’s boundaries.

Sandeep Mathur