Panorama aerial view in the cityscape skyline with smart services and icons, internet of things, networks and augmented reality concept , night scene .

Square Peg Round Hole: The Problem with BIM to Maximo

BIM effectively creates a single source of truth about a project which can be accessed by all stakeholders across the lifecycle of the asset, facilitating more efficient coordination and collaboration.

The Why: What is the Value of BIM to Maximo?

When BIM is integrated into IBM Maximo, it puts information-rich 3D models directly into the hands of operational technicians ̶ enabling them to visualize tasks involved with ongoing asset management.
Digital Engineering

The Problem with Digital Engineering for Asset Owners

While the use of Digital Engineering is rapidly growing across the construction industry, misaligned and disparate teams often take a siloed approach to digital engineering standards ̶ with each focused exclusively on their own area of specialization.
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From Scrap to Structure: Reusing Structural Steel in Construction

The advantages of reusing structural steel in construction projects are immense. By employing digital modeling, rigorous material testing, and precise fabrication techniques, the construction industry can enhance sustainability practices and benefit from cost savings on projects.

Safeguarding Your Project: Why Licensed Software Matters When Hiring Construction Partners

While the initial cost savings of working with a firm that utilizes pirated software (either knowingly or unknowingly) might seem attractive, the potential consequences can be detrimental and costly in the long run.

Making 4D Construction Sequencing ‘Business as Usual’ – and How To Do It

Incorporating 4D construction sequencing into everyday operations isn't just a technological upgrade; it's a business imperative for forward-thinking firms, especially in APAC.
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Steel Fabrication Advancements and the Evolving Role of Shop Drawings

Explore the future of steel fabrication as technological advancements challenge traditional shop drawings.

Building a Better Future – How the Construction Industry Can Attract the Best Talent

Transforming the construction industry by attracting talent, breaking barriers, and embracing innovation for a brighter future
Alastair Brook at Women In BIM

Bridging Gaps and Building Careers: Inside the Women in BIM Mentor Scheme

Elouise Robinson and Alastair Brook connected through the Women in BIM (WIB) Mentor Scheme. By nurturing connections and creating opportunities for support, the scheme transcends conventional mentorship models.
3D Rebar Modeling

Unlocking Efficiency and Accuracy: The Power of 3D Rebar Modelling in Construction Projects

The use of 3D rebar modelling offers significant advantages for complex construction projects, including increased accuracy, improved visualisation, better collaboration, and reduced waste.
Panorama aerial view in the cityscape skyline with smart services and icons, internet of things, networks and augmented reality concept , night scene .

How a Digital Twin Is Delivered

Digital twins harness live data to monitor and optimize assets, providing real-time insights into performance and activity, but to effectively adopt a digital twin, the first step is understanding its purpose, its value, and how it is created.

5 Ways BIM Can Help Contractors and Sub-Contractors

BIM offers a wealth of benefits to contractors and subcontractors. By providing access to real-time project information, it can help them optimize all tasks, from budget allocations, material procurement, site planning, quality control, and site safety.