Who We Work With: Our Partners in the Construction Lifecycle

Who We Work With: Our Partners in the Construction Lifecycle

For decades, DBM Vircon worked strictly with steel fabricators. However, with significant evolution in technology and communication lines in construction over the last ten years, increasingly, we are collaborating with builders, engineers and asset owners.

As projects have become increasingly complex, industry is pushing for integrated project and construction models and methodologies that help to eradicate constructibility issues early on. Engineers, asset owners and fabricators alike need to develop cost-effective construction solutions at a stage in the project when their implementation is still viable.

While technology has helped to make very complex designs possible, these designs are becoming  more expensive and difficult to build. DBM Vircon offers a bridge between design and construction so that a project is not only feasible, but cost-effective.

Nowadays, DBM Vircon’s clientele is comprised of companies with a progressive approach and mindset; companies that have developed digital workflows (and are not relying solely on traditional 2D drawings) and are open to a collaborative working relationship. As such, our clients and partners now extend throughout the construction lifecycle to include fabricators, engineers, builders and asset owners.

Our Partners in the Construction Lifecycle


Working primarily in Tekla, along with other advanced software and technology solutions, our team of steel experts transform information received from designers into 3D visual detailed models, shop drawings and usable data.

These outputs provide fabricators with the meticulous information required to streamline and de-risk the entire lifecycle of bridge, commercial and industrial structural steel projects, from design, planning and procurement, through to fabrication and erection.

One of the primary benefits that DBM Vircon offers fabricators is the ability to eradicate clashes and design errors early on by reducing rework and delays, allowing improved scheduling certainty and expedited timeframes. This reduces costs for fabricators, enabling them to provide highly accurate quotes, without risk of variation.

With the help of DBM Vircon’s models, we generate highly accurate production drawings, enabling the use of techniques such as prefabrication and modular construction. By facilitating design, detailing and building in an offsite, controlled environment, waste can be significantly diminished, efficiency increased, labor and material costs reduced and variability minimized.

Engineers and Architects

DBM Vircon provides design integration services, collaborating with engineers and architects to bring their vision to life and ensure their concepts are constructible. Through the integration of intelligent data, DBM Vircon produces highly accurate and detailed 3D models that emulate designs exactly.

Engineers and architects are then able to validate their designs and resolve conflicts early in a project’s lifecycle, particularly in critical areas such as connections and joints, supporting structures and facades, as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire services. This helps expedite structural design analysis, floor planning and scheduling.

Unlike 2D technical drawings, which can be excessively time consuming, DBM Vircon’s 3D modeling automates some of the engineering process which increases productivity, reduces human error, and compresses project delivery timeframes.

DBM Vircon can even provide high-quality animations produced from the models for purposes such as site-planning, design development, construction planning, and marketing.

Builders and Asset Owners

When it comes to major construction projects, asset owners are often required to bear the brunt of financial burden, particularly when projects are affected by delays, materials waste and cost overruns. However, with DBM Vircon’s intelligent and data rich models, previously unattainable efficiency and accuracy can be achieved, from the initial concept stage, through to ongoing asset management and maintenance.

Traditionally, designs and plans are filtered through sub-contractors. However, with DBM Vircon’s models, builders and owners enjoy unprecedented project visibility, as well as increased transparency around factors such as design changes and cost increases. DBM Vircon’s models also deliver an increased understanding of the construction process, even for those without a construction-heavy background.

Owners also enjoy improved safety, productivity, responsiveness and decision making through one touch graphical access to asset information, engineering and facility data. Additionally, remote animation and rehearsal of shutdowns and maintenance augments safety and reduces the burden of liability.


At DBM Vircon, we’re proud to have modernized our business with new technology and services based on our clients’ needs. We have combined our practical knowledge and experience of working with steel fabricators, to now also collaborate with a vast network of builders, architects and engineers.

Across our 45 years, we have meticulously planned and provided high-level steel detailing designs and projects using advanced technology and by listening to all stakeholder’s visions and needs. Our design integration processes use superior 3D modeling to remove the burden from engineers and architects. This allows you to plan and understand the constructibility of a design with greater ease.

Another benefit of our services is our careful project management and long-term planning, which seeks to eliminate design errors and any rework. This grants all stakeholders with peace of mind and allows for excellent time management planning.