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Structural Steel – Bridges

Changing the Future of Bridge Building

DBM Vircon is a leading innovator in Bridge Information Modeling and has collected over ten “Bridge of the Year” awards from the National Steel Bridge Alliance. As one of the first adopters of Tekla 3D modeling software for bridges, we are continually changing the future of bridge building. We have spent over ten years customizing and developing innovative software in order to transform the design and construction of structural steel bridges. Our 3D Bridge Modeling capabilities combine detail with innovation to bring your concepts to life and strengthen efficiency from end to end. With greater precision and an experienced team of bridge experts, we have successfully completed over 300 bridge projects since 1979.

Responding to our clients’ needs DBM Vircon offers a wide variety of professional Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) and detailing services, utilizing the intelligent, data-centric 3D models, producing fit-for-purpose design, and detailing deliverables to suit all project requirements. Our numerical approach produces highly accurate models that match the design intent. It is our unique combination of experience, expertise and technology that turn complex data streams into intelligent context-rich models in order to help reduce project timeframes while ensuring scheduling certainty.

Bridge Structural Steel Modeling & Detailing – Bridging Technology and People


Integrating data from all design disciplines and streamlining team communication resolves poor design documentation and reduces final clash checks, so fabricators deliver accurate steelwork.


When eradication of rework, duplication and delays is combined with reduced design errors, scheduling certainty and slashed timeframes, costs are reduced and contractor quotes are accurate.


An integrated structural steelwork detailing model improves efficiencies across the project lifecycle through parallel workflows and reduced duplication, slashing your project’s timeframe by up to 12%.


With data-rich and exceptionally precise models, fabrication and erection is never delayed by unforeseen rework or material delays. You can rest assured your project will be delivered on-time.


Significant error and risk can occur during construction. Millimetre perfect structural steel detailing and modeling ensures minimal rework, reduces hours on-site, and helps address safety concerns.


Lean and repeatable designs consider operational issues as well as construction requirements to reduce waste and site clearances, deliver more efficient design, and assist in community engagement.

Bridge Structural Steel Modeling & Detailing – Delivery

DBM Vircon’s Approach

Working primarily in Tekla, along with other advanced software and technology solutions, or team of bridge experts transform simple information received from our clients and designers in is purest form into 3D visual detailed models, shop drawings and useable data information that reduces human error and minimizes communication breakdowns typically found in a traditional 2D environment. Our comprehensive and collaborative process allows for real-time interactive analysis throughout the project lifecycle that creates opportunity for our clients to clarify design intent and discover any issues early in the process, thus reducing costs and project timeframes while ensuring a timely delivery schedule. It is with our experience and expertise along with this process that will provide assurance that the completed models will produce reliable and accurate output data files and deliverables, that meet or exceed industry standards.

Our Deliverables: Far Beyond Just 2D Shop Drawings

Intelligent & Data-centric 3D Modeling
  • Intelligent and data-centric 3D models used for all advance bill of material, custom reports, 2D shop drawing and CNC file data extraction
  • Increases accuracy and ability to find planning efficiencies through detailed material tracking from ordering to fabrication to transporting through to erection
  • Multi-discipline 3D model coordination with other construction services with fully integrated clash detection capability
  • Interactive development that streamlines the process by checking fit ups and resolves design discrepancies/intent before final phase of the geometry process
  • Ability to efficiently track specific data (i.e. welds data) for high security projects
  • Our proprietary change management system and tools help streamline changes and reduces response time throughout the project’s lifecycle
  • Ability to streamline reporting by color coded progress updates via access to the model or receive visual productivity reporting
  • Ability to review and accept members in the model through our proprietary in-model approval process before creating shop drawings to save time, cost and minimize communication breakdowns
  • Experience downstream savings with ease of exporting model files like CNC, DXF, DWG, STEP and 3D IFC files per our client’s request
Pre-Construction Modeling

Designers and clients can call on our advice during the design development to assist in the following:

  • Geometry consulting/analysis models
  • Value Engineering
  • Model mock-ups/concept models
  • Accessibility/Constructability reviews of complex components
High Quality and Accurate 2D Fabrication Shop Drawings and Project Documentation
  • Flexibility within our systems to tailor 2D shop drawing deliverables to suit various client standards, procedures and requirements
  • Customizable drawings layouts, templates and bill of materials to suit project specifications
  • Detailed erection, bunking/blocking, trial assembly drawings, bill of materials, web/flange plate cutting sheets and data
  • Complex assembly and component fabrication drawings for all main and secondary substructures
  • Miscellaneous drawings requirements for ladders, handrail, safety systems, platforms and any other subsystems
  • Blank or Weldment drawings
  • Weld call outs, quantities, reports and unique weld numbering for traceability.
  • DXF, scribing and etching outputs
  • Field and Shop bolt drawings and summaries
  • Unique wrap around drawings details or diagrams for complex cutting of HSS, TUBE and PIPE shapes
  • Layout and survey control monitor drawings and data output
  • Center of Gravity and Isometric drawings for complex steel members and assemblies
Enhanced Services

Our Experience is Far Reaching

  • BrIM Management
  • As-Built, Laser Scanning and Point Cloud Modeling
  • Virtual Trial Assembly
  • Design-Build Collaboration
  • Design Assist
  • Animations and Visualization

DBM Vircon has also spent years customizing and developing unique macros and plugins within Tekla to address the following bridges requirements:

  • Geometry data to model automation
  • Complex Camber
  • Vertical Curvature
  • Super Elevation
  • Shortening
  • Scribing & laser etching
  • Weld Traceability
  • Robotic Welding

DBM Vircon Projects










“It is impossible to imagine the Peace Bridge Rehabilitation project going as well without DBM Vircon’s direct involvement. Their ability to easily manage the complexities associated with retrofitting a historic 90-year-old bridge greatly exceeded my expectations. Throughout the entire detailing process, I was continuously astonished by their modeling capabilities and attention to detail. It was truly a pleasure working with them and look forward to future projects.”

Timothy Coyle, Project Engineer, Parsons

“DBM Vircon provided modeling and detailing services for the steel bridge structures of the Regina Bypass Project. DBM Vircon was thoroughly engaged throughout the detailing process to expedite approvals while providing clear and concise drawing packages that were tailored to each fabrication shop. These drawings packages translated into a seamless erection phase and the DBM Vircon team was always available to provide immediate support where required. Supreme continues to work with DBM Vircon and looks forward to further collaborate with the team on future opportunities.”

Nick Zubick, E.I.T Project Manager, Supreme Group

“The original Providence Pedestrian Bridge design plans lacked the coordination and detail of the steel and architectural elements required to begin steel fabrication drawings causing potential extensive delays. Once DBM Vircon stepped into the design-assist role, the steel design timeframe was reduced significantly. DBM Vircon’s ability to provide a more constructible design resulted in a faster fabrication and installation of the steel structure than anticipated.”

Matt Giovino, Project Manager, Daniel O’Connell’s Son

“DBM Vircon was our detailer of choice on the Maitland Pedestrian Arch in Florida. They had the capacity to manage the project schedule needed to keep the fabrication processes efficient. Their efforts in 3D coordination and engineering expertise were unmatched on this project. They were a driving force for identifying and resolving design concerns and trade coordination issues with the team long before reaching the fabrication stages of the project saving potential hours of rework in the shop and field.”

Jeremy Duckett, Project Manager, Veritas Steel