Chase Center

LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA
project overview:

Chase Center is an 18,000 seat multi-purpose arena in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. It is the home of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

This project’s scope included 3D BIM modelling and detailing of 6,600 tons of structural steel, with the design assist scope incorporating the full stick model, and the detailing scope covering all connections and 2D editing. Construction Phase included 3D modelling, connection and 2D editing of the Arena structure, Gate House and North East Retail area increasing the scope to 8,100 tons, composed of the primary structural steel members such as Complex roof trusses, Heavy WF columns and beams, WF and built-up plate rakers, WF and tube bracing and connections and Buckling restrained braces connections of the entire Arena. Secondary structural steel framing included:

  • Arena perimeter girts, post and hangers, elevator steel, canopy
  • Structural Steel Framing for Northeast Retail Buildings
  • Catwalk assemblies, scoreboard platforms, speaker hoist platforms, rigging steel, fall arrest, theater, and gantry steel.
  • Escalator landing and mid-span support steel.
  • Framed openings in the metal roof deck for penetrations and openings.
  • Roof gutter steel framing.
  • All bent plate edge form and pour stops.
  • Mechanical equipment framing steel.
  • Secondary Steel Support for a Fall Protection System Integrated with the Roof Structure

Chase Center Project Highlights & Challenges:

DBM Vircon was given a 6-month schedule to deliver the project due to the target erection date, as such, our team had to deal with extremely tight schedule. Additional personnel were required from the original estimate to minimize schedule impacts due to the large volume of change and additional scope. Ongoing design assist and coordination with the precast seating was required to aid in development and design of the steel to concrete connections. Plate assembly for pour stops had to allow for the sloping, circular edge framing of the structure as well as internal curved openings, at every floor level. The lower bowl framing consists of 4 radial corners and irregular shaped outer framing creating complex framing and connections. Long span roof trusses created complex connections where multiple trusses connected to columns at a single node point. While there was some repetition through the lower levels the variation through the upper levels created a challenging and interesting model to shop detail.

Christopher Pfeiff

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