The West Hollywood Sunset Spectacular

CLIENT: The City of West Hollywood & Walter P Moore
LOCATION: West Hollywood, California
project overview:

The West Hollywood Sunset Spectacular is a multimedia billboard for the 21st century. It is comprised of four giant parts: three outer panels arranged in a triangular pattern, with a ‘tesseract’ nested inside. At 64 feet high, the huge billboard is made from perforated metal, with the east and west-facing outer petals featuring embedded high-resolution LED technology.

The three towering petals surround a pedestrian-accessible central void. Suspended overhead is a sculptural entity that appears to stabilize the billboard.

A cross between a billboard and a Transformer, Sunset Spectacular boasts state-of-the-art technology.

With its 1,500 square feet of digital tile, three laser video projectors, and multiple sound systems, the facility is equipped with an extensive electrical system.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon utilized the Tekla model to generate STEP files for approval by the architect and engineer. These same STEP files were then utilized by the fabricator to nest, laser cut, and weld stainless-steel plates required for assembly.

In total, 72 stainless-steel components were prefabricated, some weighing up to 35,000 pounds each. Upon fabrication, the components were loaded onto a 770-foot lowrider trailer. DBM Vircon’s team played a crucial role in facilitating the collaboration between the architect, structural engineer, and fabricator on the project.

  • Coordination with all project stakeholders, including the architect (Tom Wiscombe Architecture), structural engineer (Walter P. Moore), electrical and LED vendor (Display Devices Inc.), the fabricator (Northern Manufacturing) and the Owner/Erector (Orange Barrel Media)
  • Tekla modelling, which included several phases:
    o Phase 101 series – WEST PETAL components (total 22)
    o Phase 201 series – NORTH PETAL components (total 16)
    o Phase 301 series – EAST PETAL components (total 18)
    o Phase 401 series – TESSERACT components (total 14)
    o Phase 501 series – LANTERNS
  • Provision of STEP files for each component required by the fabricator

Project Highlights & Challenges:

DBM Vircon faced some challenges with the billboard’s intricate componentry and access requirements due to its design. Specifically, a variety of media components had to be integrated into the assemblies, access windows were required for on-site electrical and media work, and components had to be bolted and welded together.

Tekla enabled accurate design review and clash detection. As a result, on-site costs were reduced and scheduling certainty was improved.

Project Awards:

Gino Pezzente