Modeling & Detailing

Architectural & Building Systems

Architectural & Building Systems a Coordinated Approach

DBM Vircon offers a wide range of architectural building systems services and documentation solutions. From 3D modeling FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) to the back modeling of laser scanned heritage buildings, our multi-disciplinary approach allows for the collaborative modeling of all 3D geometries along with the associated creation and management of large comprehensive data sets relating to these models. This integration quickly and easily facilitates greater project efficiencies, collaboration and visualizations for planning, design development, construction, as-built verification as well as a myriad of operational uses.

Our approach allows for early identification of project issues and coordination needs. This early identification of design issues in a digital environment dramatically reduces delays, rework and the resulting cost impacts. Working with our clients, these issues are efficiently communicated to the design team ensuring prompt resolution. Our experience along with our meticulous attention to detail, deliver our clients superior value and unrivaled quality.

Architectural & Building Systems Modeling – Design to Construction


Our custom software can automate repetitive manual tasks, while increasing accuracy, to boost staff time on design modeling and define rules to generate hundreds of innovative design options.


We create photorealistic renderings, animations, 3D models, documentation and cut-aways so you can better explore, validate and communicate designs to your clients and project stakeholders.


With our custom-built processes and platforms, multiple disciplines can share model data. Linking service models and geometry enables early clash detection, for resolution by us or the engineer.


Our data-rich models are able to detect design errors early on and eradicate clashes. Without delays and rework, you can dramatically reduce costs and provide clients with highly accurate quotes.


Architectural integration helps ensures the project lifecycle is smooth and efficient, with parallel workflows and reduced duplication, rework and delays. This can reduce a timeframe by up to 12%.


Architectural & Building Systems Modeling – Delivery

DBM Vircon’s Approach

Working primarily in Revit and leveraging other advanced software and parametric solutions such as Rhino and Grasshopper, our team of architectural and building system modelers transform a wide variety of design information into visually appealing, detailed, data rich 3D models. These models are used to generate all design deliverables such as general arrangement drawings, bill of quantities and MEPF service layouts, amongst many others.

Our comprehensive and collaborative process allows for real-time interactive analysis, creating opportunities for our clients to clarify design intent and discover any issues early in the design process, thus helping to reduce costs and project timeframes.

Our architectural and building system solutions form part of what is a complete suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions, offered across all industries and sectors. Our collaborative, multi-platform approach ensures maximum collaboration and productivity with the common goal of zero rework.

Our Deliverables

Standardized Architectural & Building Systems Documentation
  • Models
  • Content Creation (Families)
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Elevations, Sectional drawings
  • Design options
  • Standard construction details
  • Coordinated reflected ceiling plans
  • MEPF service layouts
  • Service penetration drawings
  • Isometric drawings (Rooms, services, equipment)
Customizable Schedules & Reporting
  • Bill of Quantities (BoQ)
  • Rooms & areas
  • Panel & circuit schedules
  • HVAC & Piping systems (pressure load and loss)
  • Quantity extraction to support cost estimates
  • Material, installation & maintenance cost estimates
Design and Building Analysis
  • Structural analytical loads
  • Energy optimization
  • Thermal reporting (heating & cooling loads)
  • Shadow, lighting, solar radiation analysis
  • Egress, vehicle turning
Enhanced Services

Project Lifecycle Support & Solutions

  • Cross platform coordination
  • Life like visualization and animation
  • Parametric modeling
  • Federated models and clash checking
  • As-built models
  • Laser scanning and back modeling
  • Animations, renders and walkthrough

DBM Vircon Projects




“Firstly, let me compliment DBM Vircon for the fantastic work you have done with our BIM Revit models. Not only is the work accurate, but your team is very efficient. DBM Vircon completed our project within the time frame and within the agreed budget.”

Ian Belton, Managing Director, Simply Stainless