Modeling & Detailing

Structural Steel – Industrial

Millimeter Perfect Industrial Steel Detailing and Modeling

DBM Vircon have been providing industrial design, detailing and integrated project services to the Mining, Minerals Processing and Oil and Gas industries for over 40 years.

Our wealth of experience across the industrial sector, whether developing engineering design for large mining projects or traditional detailing services for NPI and material handling infrastructure, such as crushing and screening facilities, conveyor systems and transfer stations, allows us to offer value and confidence to our clients across these numerous and other industrial applications.

We also offer a wide range of fully integrated services including design assist, integrated shop detailing, procurement and engineering reviews for complex industrial equipment such as stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders.

Our industrial design and detailing team utilizes the latest integrated software solutions and processes that allow us to work collaboratively on some of the biggest industrial projects providing cost effective, functional designs on time and on budget.

Industrial Structural Steel Modeling & Detailing – Design to Manufacture


Integrating data from all design disciplines and streamlining team communication resolves poor design documentation and reduces final clash checks, so fabricators deliver accurate steelwork.


When eradication of rework, duplication and delays is combined with reduced design errors, scheduling certainty and slashed timeframes, costs are reduced and contractor quotes are accurate.


An integrated structural steelwork detailing model improves efficiencies across the project lifecycle through parallel workflows and reduced duplication, slashing your project’s timeframe by up to 12%.


With data-rich and exceptionally precise models, fabrication and erection is never delayed by unforeseen rework or material delays. You can rest assured your project will be delivered on-time.


Significant error and risk can occur during construction. Millimetre perfect structural steel detailing and modeling ensures minimal rework, reduces hours on-site, and helps address safety concerns.


Lean and repeatable designs consider operational issues as well as construction requirements to reduce waste and site clearances, deliver more efficient design, and assist in community engagement.

Industrial Structural Steel Modeling & Detailing – Delivery

DBM Vircon’s Approach

Our structural design and detailing team, use amongst other solutions, a combination of Tekla and Advance Steel to deliver a wide range of industrial projects. DBM Vircon is the largest Tekla software user in the world and working closely and collaboratively with our clients we offer a full range of structural detailing and data services suited to process, storage, material handling, industrial and commercial infrastructure.

Our centralized approach to model management enables us to deploy over 800 designers across 20 countries. Within a single project, we have the ability to collaborate on thousands of models, develop and manage tens of thousands of vendor equipment items and manage countless metadata fields across extremely large datasets, all without sacrificing the level of quality and control.

Our Deliverables: Far Beyond Just 2D Shop Drawings

Fully Intelligent 3D Modeling
  • Highly accurate, intelligent 3D models used for all 2D drawing production, bill of materials, weights, and cost data
  • Multi-discipline interfacing with all other services
  • Fully integrated clash detection, not only within our own project models but with interfacing components and equipment from contractors and sub-contractors
  • During the modeling stage our highly skilled and competent draft persons review safety, constructibility and access during and after erection
Highly Accurate 2D Drawings and Project Documentation
  • Layout fabrication and erection drawings, bill of materials, plate cut data, and cost reports
  • Detailed assembly and component fabrication drawings for all substructures, ladders, platforms, stairs, and other subsystems
  • Plate / grating layouts and fabrication details for floors, platforms
  • Material and weld traceability as required
  • NC, DXF and scribing outputs
Enhanced Services
  • Production of modularization and lifting documentation
  • Animations for installation & maintenance procedures
  • Lifting Studies
  • Transportation Studies
  • As-Built scan to BIM audits and validation
  • Virtual trial assembly

DBM Vircon Projects




“Firstly, let me compliment DBM Vircon for the fantastic work you have done with our BIM Revit models. Not only is the work accurate, but your team is very efficient. DBM Vircon completed our project within the time frame and within the agreed budget.”

Ian Belton, Managing Director, Simply Stainless

“DBM Vircon was our detailer of choice on the Maitland Pedestrian Arch in Florida. They had the capacity to manage the project schedule needed to keep the fabrication processes efficient. Their efforts in 3D coordination and engineering expertise were unmatched on this project. They were a driving force for identifying and resolving design concerns and trade coordination issues with the team long before reaching the fabrication stages of the project saving potential hours of rework in the shop and field.”

Jeremy Duckett, Project Manager, Veritas Steel

“DBM Vircon’s quality work and sensitivity to fast track schedules help make projects a success. Their willingness to accommodate fabricators & erectors specific needs coupled with timely submittal schedules is also evident. Their in-depth knowledge of steel fabrication and erection is obviously founded on a sound base of experience.”

Ray Clarke, Engineering Manager, Owen Steel Company

“DBM Vircon’s efforts have been first class and we appreciate the work put in by your team to meet a tight schedule”

Stephen Farran – Pluto LNG Project, WorleyParsons Resources & Energy

“Excellent! DBM Vircon is doing an outstanding job.”

Chris Kleban, Skanska

“We worked with DBM Vircon on a recent retrofit project which required close integration with the design engineers through an interactive process. DBM Vircon was responsive and proactive which was critical in modeling, connecting and detailing this project as the design evolved dynamically due to changing site conditions.”

Terry Flynn, Vice President Engineering, Tutor Perini Corporation

“DBM Vircon is a West Australian company successfully competing on the world stage and one to be extremely proud of”

Simon Lukan, Monadelphous

“Their versatility of the staffing was consistently proactive by supporting the size of this 12,000-ton project with three independent teams to marshal this project with aplomb. DBM Vircon is always and continues to be our go to team-mates for the really complex projects.”

Christopher Carey, Senior Project Manager, Schuff Steel Company

“You and your team have done an exceptional job tracking ALL the changes and keeping up with the curtain wall issues on this project. I’ve never worked on a project like this one before and I’m glad this one was with you and DBM Vircon.”

Jason Bruce, Cives Steel Company

“DBM Vircon has a lot more to offer than just strictly detailing”

Sean S. Boynton, Cives Steel Company

“Constructability, operability and maintainability were enhanced, resulting in an optimized and safer project and ultimately a safer plant”

RGP4 Newman Hub Project Team, BHP BILLITON

“I would like to compliment DBM Vircon on consistently producing quality models. DBM Vircon’s deliverables were some of the more complex models set against a vigorous schedule and at times with models that were still evolving.”

Steven Trenouth, Pluto LNG Project

“DBM Vircon’s efforts have been first class and we appreciate the work put in by your team to meet a tight schedule”

Stephen Farran – Pluto LNG Project, WorleyParsons Resources & Energy

“DBM Vircon was fundamental in the part it played in ensuring that this part of the project was executed with great success.”

Werner Gerritsen, Engineering Manager, Hatch