Modeling & Detailing

Mechanical Platework

Integrated Mechanical Platework Modeling and Detailing

DBM Vircon’s accurate detailing and modeling of mechanical platework allows for the documentation and delivery of projects with increased efficiencies. Our technologically advanced and data-rich models provide the information needed to precisely plan your project, maximizing value and time efficiencies without compromising quality.

Our modeling capability extends to a variety of mechanical platework projects and components, including ROM bins, chutes, hoppers, silos and tanks. Our intelligent data rich 3D models expedite project schedules by enabling up-to-date information to be communicated to all stakeholders, helping to minimizing errors and conflicts, resolving technical issues.

Mechanical Platework Modeling & Detailing – Design to Manufacture


Through information integration, 3D models enable enhanced communication between stakeholders, enabling conflicts and mistakes to be detected and resolved early on, avoiding reworks and delays.


Through our photorealistic renderings, documentation and 3D models, you are better able to comprehensively visualise your project in its entirety, ensuring that it is coherent and constructible.


The integration of mechanical platework structures into your project’s design allows for increased efficiency in all aspects of your project’s lifecycle, reducing timeframes by up to 12%.


With accurate and detailed models, you can ensure that complex and heavy lifts are properly coordinated, which enhances safety and reduces the possibility of clashes or reworks.


By reducing mistakes and minimising reworks and delays, you are able to provide clients and stakeholders with accurate timeline projections and budgets, helping you to win project bids.


The mitigation of mistakes eradicates design errors, duplication, reworks and delays. This can slash timeframes, increase scheduling certainty and save money on labour as well as materials.

Mechanical Platework Modeling & Detailing – Delivery

DBM Vircon’s Approach

Our mechanical design and detailing team use, among other solutions, a combination of Tekla and Advance Steel to deliver a wide range of mechanical and material handling projects. DBM Vircon is the largest Tekla user in the world. Working closely and collaboratively with our clients we offer a full range of mechanical detailing and data services suited to process, storage, material handling and industrial infrastructure. It is our unique combination of experience, expertise and technology that turns complex data streams into intelligent and context-rich models that can reduce costs, reduce project timeframes and ensure scheduling certainty.

Our Deliverables

Fully Intelligent 3D Modeling
  • Highly accurate, intelligent 3D models used for all 2D drawing production, bill of materials, weights and cost data
  • Multi-discipline interfacing with all other services
  • Fully integrated multi-discipline clash detection, with interfacing components and equipment from contractors and sub-contractors
  • Constructibility, safety and access reviews, before, during and after erection
  • Bins, hoppers, conveyor systems, machined components, scaffolding, access platforms, cable tray supports, lifting lugs, grounding lugs, baffles, to list a few of the types of mechanical items
Highly Accurate 2D Drawings and Project Documentation
  • Layout fabrication and erection drawings, bill of materials, plate cut data, and cost reports
  • Detailed assembly and component fabrication drawings for all processing, materials handling and other mechanical equipment
  • Plate developments for rolled and bent platework items
  • Material and weld traceability as required
  • Machine and erection tolerancing
  • NC, DXF and scribing outputs
Enhanced Services
  • Production of modularization and lifting documentation
  • Animations for installation & maintenance procedures
  • Lifting Studies
  • Transportation Studies
  • As-built scan to BIM audits and validation
  • Virtual trial assembly

DBM Vircon Projects