Accurate Mechanical Platework Modeling

DBM Vircon’s accurate detailing and modeling of mechanical platework allows you to document and deliver a project with increased efficiency. Our technologically advanced and data-rich models provide you with the information needed to precisely plan your project, maximizing value and time efficiency without compromising integrity.

Our modeling capability extends to a variety of mechanical platework projects and components, including ROM bins, chutes, hoppers, silos and tanks. Our 3D models enable up-to-date information to be distributed to all stakeholders, minimizing errors and conflicts, which enables projects to be expedited.

Mitigate Errors and Minimize Costs

Reduced Errors

Through information integration, 3D models enable enhanced communication between stakeholders, enabling conflicts and mistakes to be detected and resolved early on, avoiding reworks and delays.

Ensured Constructibility

Through our photorealistic renderings, documentation and 3D models, you are better able to comprehensively visualise your project in its entirety, ensuring that it is coherent and constructible.

Expedited Timeframes

The integration of mechanical platework structures into your project’s design allows for increased efficiency in all aspects of your project’s lifecycle, reducing timeframes by up to 12%.

Improved Coordination

With accurate and detailed models, you can ensure that complex and heavy lifts are properly coordinated, which enhances safety and reduces the possibility of clashes or reworks.

Accurate Predictability and Projections

By reducing mistakes and minimising reworks and delays, you are able to provide clients and stakeholders with accurate timeline projections and budgets, helping you to win project bids.

Decreased Expenses

The mitigation of mistakes eradicates design errors, duplication, reworks and delays. This can slash timeframes, increase scheduling certainty and save money on labour as well as materials.

Improved Communication and Cooperation

DBM Vircon’s 3D models are data rich and precise, which enables the mechanical platework to be fully integrated within the rest of the project.

Reduced overall costs through:
  • Improved productivity
  • Slashed project timeframes
  • Removal of errors, reworks and delays
Improved coherence through visualization that allows:
  • Better-informed and quicker decision-making
  • Increased communication between all stakeholders
  • Multi-disciplinary interaction and integration
Verification and optimization which facilitates:
  • Prevention of possible constructibility conflicts
  • Enhanced site safety