Design, Document & Deliver Precision Civil Infrastructure

DBM Vircon allows you to design, document and deliver civil structural modeling and detailing with perfect precision, enhancing collaboration and workflow throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. With incomparably data-rich 3D models that are precise to the millimeter, we enable you to plan, construct and improve civil infrastructure by enabling maximum efficiency without compromising integrity.

Our exact 3D models help you mitigate clashes and streamline delivery of a range of civil infrastructure projects, including, roads and highways, bridges and their approach roads, rail, land developments, drainage, airports, stormwater and sanitary. Through enabling up-to-date information distribution to all stakeholders, ultimate efficiency is achieved which allows timeframes to be slashed and costs to be reduced.

Optimize Project Planning Cycles and Reduce Rework

Decreased Expenses

Our precise 3D models enable complete accuracy and help detect and overcome design errors early. This helps you save time and money on labor and materials, by reducing modifications and rework.

Efficient Implementation

Accurate and detailed 3D models mean that the construction and erection process is streamlined, reducing unnecessary rework and timeline interruptions which can impact timeframes and budgets.

Reduced Project Conflicts

Our 3D models allow you to view your entire civil structure as a whole, enabling you to ensure that all infrastructure components, equipment and buildings are coherent and constructible, avoiding clashes.

Integrated Designs

Through comprehensive models that allow the integration of all aspects of a civil structure, every stage of your project is able to be coordinated for flawless execution.

Improved Timelines

Not only do our comprehensive and integrated models allow for timelines to be achieved, timeframes can be cut by up to 12% due to parallel workflows and duplication, rework and delays reduced.

Intelligent Automation

Our insightful models automatically calculate feature lines relative to a surface, reducing time spent on menial tasks, which can augment labor efficiency and reduce timeframes.

Cooperation and Coordination for Streamlined Civil Infrastructure

DBM Vircon’s nano precision models allow for improvement of all aspects of civil infrastructure projects, from draft to design to documentation through:

Coordinated information that delivers:
  • Smooth cooperation
  • Seamless integration
  • Real-time communication and modification
Mass calculation that delivers:
  • Accurate and dependable figures and configurations
  • Reduction of time spent on unnecessary rework
  • Mitigation of errors
Comprehensive infrastructure data that delivers:
  • Perspective to view the project in its entirety
  • Ability to ensure coherent structure
  • Easy detection and identification of possible conflicts or potential problems
Efficient design that delivers:
  • Reduced site and operational costs
  • Optimized project planning
  • Accurate timeframes and customer quotes
Smooth and streamlined integration that delivers:
  • Improved multi-disciplinary understanding and communication
  • Mitigated safety risks
  • Minimized clashes and conflicts