Modeling & Detailing

Concrete & Rebar

Meticulous Concrete & Rebar Modeling, Detailing and Estimating

DBM Vircon’s team plays a pivotal role in helping move projects from the design phase to the construction phase. Whether it is cast-in-place culverts, pre-stressed bridge girders, precast parking garages, composite stadium construction, mega infrastructure projects, or tall skyscrapers, our experienced team is well positioned to support all concrete & rebar modeling, detailing, and estimating needs.

Our clear and comprehensive reinforced concrete models and/or rebar placing drawings allow extensive design communication, coordination, and information transfer among project stakeholders to help validate project details. This results in reduced ambiguities, fewer field changes and improved quality while enabling faster rebar fabrication and assembly leading to expedited erection of reinforced concrete structures. Further, our accurate bar lists and bar bending schedules, that are generated from our models and drawings, facilitate scrap reduction and diminished waste. This allows for productivity gains while minimizing environmental impact.

Additionally our highly experienced estimating team is adept at providing comprehensive, bar-by-bar quantity take-offs that provide detailed and accurate quotes which aid in placing successful bids. We have the capacity to estimate large tonnage of rebar, and provide these services globally to clients that have come to rely on our timely and accurate estimates.

Through our vast experience spanning many industries, complexity and size, we bring to bear effective solutions and risk mitigation strategies on your projects. In conjunction with our other services, our concrete & rebar team offers complete solutions for your estimating, detailing and modeling requirements.

Concrete & Rebar Modeling & Detailing – Design to Construction

Reduced Delays

Concrete and rebar is predominantly located in foundations and construction critical path areas. With models that are clear and comprehensive, ambiguities are diminished and delays reduced.

Expedited Project Timeframes

Our models allow extensive design communication, coordination and information transfer, which enables faster rebar fabrication and assembly and more productive erection of reinforced concrete structures.


Our comprehensive models provide data on quantity, size, length and placement of reinforcing bars, allowing you to provide detailed and accurate quotes without variations, which aid successful bids.

Detailed 3D Visualization

Easy-to-understand and interactive 3D models allow you to validate your project while reducing RFIs, improving quality and making prefabrication and rebar placement more efficient on-site.

Diminished Waste

Through providing accurate bar lists and bar bending schedules, our detailed models and data facilitate scrap reduction and diminishes waste, allowing for enhanced environmental impact.

Enhanced Production

Our models and data allow you to generate incredibly accurate production drawings, which facilitate techniques such as prefabrication and modular construction, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Concrete & Rebar Modeling & Detailing – Delivery

DBM Vircon’s Approach

Our drawings and models are drawn to exact scale. They illustrate accurate bar bends, location and orientation and are supplemented by stringent QA/QC procedures that include multiple levels of reviews. This creates accurate output that eliminates field placement errors, while maintaining a data intensive digital record. Our highly experienced, client facing, and locally placed project managers perform another round of review from a constructibility viewpoint. This multi-faceted approach ensures that the final drawings and lists are timely, accurate, and provide optimal solutions for challenging projects.

The concrete & rebar division uses the latest aSa CAD Detailing, ProConcrete/ProRebar, TEKLA Structures, Revit, and other Autodesk software for detailing / modeling / estimating purposes.

At DBM Vircon we do several things uniquely, including:

  • Recruit mostly experienced detailers / modelers / estimators, and supplement their knowledge with regular training and testing.
  • Retain industry experts who are well versed in concrete and rebar detailing and bar placement. These experienced project managers serve as coaches for our detailing staff, while providing local coordination support for customers.
  • Create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using .NET programming, along with other macros, to provide customized and expedited solutions for our customer needs.
  • Provide secure cloud based data storage, access, and traceability by utilizing global web services.
  • Use proven processes and protocols for information handling and distribution from project start to data archival.

Our Deliverables

Meticulous 3D Modeling
  • Data-rich models that facilitate clear design communication, coordination, and information transfer
  • Precise 3D modeling that integrates intelligent data for accurate on and off-site planning, procurement, fabrication, and erection of concrete and rebar for all types of projects
  • Ability to generate accurate bar lists and bar bending schedules that facilitate shop fabrication and scrap reduction
Accurate 2D Detailing
  • Comprehensive rebar field placement/shop drawings that provide ironworkers/steel fixers in the field with easy to read blueprints for the placement of reinforcing bars
  • Accessory details
  • Bar support system
  • Mechanical or lap splice details
  • Formatted RFIs
  • Progress reports
  • Bar bending schedules and bar lists
  • Special bend sketches
Robust Estimating
  • Accurate and reliable bar-by-bar estimates showing detailed data on quantity, size, length and weight of rebar
  • Clear identification and listing of any inclusions, exclusions and assumptions
  • Detailed weight versus estimated weight tracking on on-going jobs
  • In-depth change order/variation information
Enhanced Services
  • Local experienced project management support
  • Clash detection and resolution with other trades
  • Setting-up detailing standards
  • As-built drawings and models

DBM Vircon Projects