Troy Block

CLIENT: Farwest Steel Corporation
project overview:

The Troy Block project is the redevelopment of an entire superblock in Seattle’s thriving South Lake Union neighborhood, integrating two early 20th-century historic landmark buildings and transforming the site into a modern tech office campus.

Troy Block Project Details:

The project includes 800,000 square feet of office space in two L-shaped towers, and provides a pedestrian through-block crossing. Located between Boren and Fairview avenues and Harrison and Thomas Streets, the complex includes two towers – one 12-story, and the other 13-story.  The South Tower completed construction in June 2016, and the North Tower was completed in March 2017.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

Working with Farwest Steel, DBM Vircon’s scope of the project included the modeling of all reinforced concrete elements on this project. Many of the columns were designed with heavy reinforcements and varied in size and orientation at different floors which made the modeling of rebar in these columns challenging. Also, the shear walls were designed and detailed with several vertical and horizontal layers with many boundary conditions. The fabricated rebar on the columns and shear walls were first sent to the yard where the cages were formed and tied, which were then transported to the job site for placement in the exact location.

3D modeling of this project using Tekla allowed for better collaboration among trades and helped identify conflicts before the construction began.

Sandeep Mathur