Phoenix International Raceway Grandstand and Midway

CLIENT: Schuff Steel Company
LOCATION: Avondale, Arizona
project overview:

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon’s scope of work included the 3D BIM modeling and shop detailing of 800 tons of structural steel work on the following areas:

  • Structural steel columns, beams and braces supporting the bleachers
  • Canyon #2 steel structure, inclusive of the canyon entry #2 stair stringers
  • Elevator HSS divider beams, ledger angles and seat angles
  • Wide flange red
  • Pourstops
  • Glazed mullion supports at the suite level
  • Musco light stub posts

Phoenix International Raceway Grandstand and Midway Project Highlights & Challenges:

The detailing aspect of the project was completed within a 5 month period. This project contained liquidated damages on the contract due to the schedule demands imposed by the owners.

Consequently, the detailing was likewise awarded to two detailing firms resulting in a constant coordination effort between the two firms to match and interface connections where the scope intersected.

Coordination models between the two firms were regularly exchanged to ensure that interface connections and steel location matches.

Connection design was provided by two design teams as well, resulting in a situation where connections by both teams were being incorporated by DBM Vircon in its scope.

Red metal wall panel 3D IFC model and coordination drawings were provided by the client since no usable information was given on the design drawings to complete the wide flange red wall panel supports and connections to the main member.

Mark Campbell

David Dawson

Gino Pezzente

Sandeep Mathur

Alastair Brook

Kenny Rowell

Kamalakannan Sudarsanan

Emily Bates

Christine Jefferies

Glenn Smith

Steve Henderson

Christopher Pfeiff

Cedric Easthorpe

Christine McCulloch

Ben Troughton

Bevan Thwaite

Daniel Livingston

Daniel Dudarec

David Easingwood

Graham Coulson

Gabor Gulyas

Greg Newcomb

Ian Ramsay

Jason Nankivell

Jeff Smith

Paola Vorphal

Dave Holden

Robert McLaughlin

Thomas Lee

Toby Devaus

Nick Rostin

Russell Bell

Clint Davis

Rebecca Vinci

Josh Brown

Ciaran Doyle

James Arthur

Lindsay Offner

Sara Cecchi

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