Digital Engineering

Strategy & Execution

Independent Digital Engineering Strategy and Execution

Once the scope of your project is defined, DBM Vircon creates a comprehensive, logical strategy and implementation plan that outlines the project’s digital requirements. We then work hand-in-hand with you to position these requirements commercially, within the context of your project, to ensure they are achievable across all necessary project stakeholders.

With a strategy and management plan in place, DBM Vircon will actively implement and manage the complete digital environment including inductions, training, audits, commercial reviews and facility management integration, as well as capability reviews of design consultants, contractors and sub-contractors.

DBM Vircon’s independent engagement across the building lifecycle allows complete peace of mind that the digital twin is the single source of truth for your project which ensures consistent end deliverables, controlled across design, construction and operational information.

Digital Engineering – Strategy & Engineering Capabilities


Our custom-designed governing processes and workflows achieve specific, repeatable and reliable outputs from your model. The result is a 3D asset that accurately reflects the facility to be built.


With a 3D model that accurately reflects your project and its accompanying database, a myriad of data can be extracted: materials, exact sizes, acoustics, fire ratings, vendor information and much more.


Our project model becomes the single source of truth for your project, ensuring consistent end deliverables, an engaged pathway through design and construction and faster project completion.


When eradication of rework, duplication and delays is combined with reduced design errors, scheduling certainty and slashed timeframes, costs are reduced and contractor quotes are accurate.


With a single source of design truth, multiple fabrication contractors can get to work, while maintaining consistent, controlled design information and resolving interface issues between trades.


Integrating data from all design disciplines and streamlining communication resolves poor design documentation and reduces clash checks, so contractors can accurately and confidently deliver the project.

Digital Engineering Strategy & Execution – Delivery


DBM Vircon’s Approach

Through integrated consultation with our clients, we establish a complete understanding of their goals and expectations, as well as the existing situations regarding software, processes, data management, procurement strategies, project execution and operations. DBM Vircon’s previous experience working through this process in a variety of industries is of significant benefit in defining the digital approach.

The key points of difference in our approach are:


Our digital engineering teams are independent of consultants, contractors and operators, which allows our teams to implement a best-for-project approach.

Fit for Purpose

Not all projects require digital engineering solutions for facility management. Our teams tailor digital engineering implementations to suit the goals of the project, being design, construction or specific digital engineering uses. Our industry has suffered from poorly defined digital engineering deliverables leading to ambiguous workflows and priced risk. DBM Vircon has the experience to tailor requirements across the projects supply chain aligning to our clients project goals.


Our multi-industry major project implementation and experience provides a deep domain knowledge that benefits our engagements with our clients, contractors and consultants.

Team Integration

We embed our resources within our client teams to provide increased levels of integration. This leads to faster implementations that provide benefits sooner while up-skilling project teams.

Software Agnostic

That means the right tool for the right job. We use a variety of differing digital engineering softwares and tools, allowing us to recommend and implement technologies from a variety of providers. This approach allows us to review and integrate with our clients existing systems, limiting the disruption.


Big projects, big data and an increasing number of project models is our new normal. The custom automation and techniques to manage this data, reporting on it frequently, constantly and to the project teams’ exceptions make us the dependable digital engineering team member.

Our Deliverables

End-to-end Strategy, Implementation, Management and Coordination of the Digital Project Environment

  • Capability assessments for our clients and their suppliers
  • Strategy creation and implementation
  • Authoring digital engineering management and execution plans
  • Definition of the Information Exchange Process
  • Project audits and reporting
  • Digital Twin creation and management
  • Data review, aggregation and sanitization
  • Model data extraction and use
  • Integration of differing data sources including BIM, GIS and spatial data sets
  • In model reporting – clash detection, project status, work packs, cost code etc.
  • 4D – Construction Sequencing
  • 5D – Quantity Extraction
  • 6D – Facility Management Integrations and Handover
  • Digital engineering software implementations such as BIM360 and dRofus
  • Common data environment implementations
  • Deploying and integrating teams and associated technologies
  • Training
Tailored Advisory Services Designed to Set Clear Implementation Roadmaps

  • Organizational implementations
  • Staged delivery and roadmap definition
  • Client-side strategic advice
  • Contract specifications and requirements
  • Existing contract review and integration of Digital Engineering Requirements
  • Tender advice when responding to Digital Engineering Requirements.

DBM Vircon Projects




“Queen’s Wharf is arguably one of the most comprehensive BIM projects in the world today and is an excellent example of how digital technologies are improving traditional design construction and facilities management.”

Robin Drogemuller, Professor of Virtual Design & Construction, Queensland University of Technology