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Data Analytics

Information Integration

In the current age of information and technology, data is at the core of so many industries today. The DBM Vircon team combines deep construction domain knowledge, stemming from years of specialist BIM experience on major construction and infrastructure projects, with cutting edge technology and coding expertise.

This team is able to make the most of the powerful blend of conventional databases and their benefits of structured data, with the agility of API connections and flexible coding such as C# and Python. This enables adaptive data flow between the all the great tools found on many construction projects, that host a multitude of useful data but are generally disconnected. Once this data is connected, our team can help you understand the limitless possibilities that using the data can provide.

Our aim is to let you use the best tools for each job, and simply connect the data between them throughout each project’s lifecycle, continually maintaining the golden thread of information.

Digital Engineering – Data Analytics Capabilities


Our comprehensive and highly precise data enables you to reduce project costs and provide accurate quotes during project bids. Gain the confidence of owners and builders with highly competitive and accurate quotes.


Millimetre precise models with comprehensive data construction drives efficiency by mitigating mistakes and the need for changes, reworks or delays. This also reduces the need for RFIs.


The integration and collaboration of data from all design disciplines enables streamlined team communication, which resolves documentation errors and reduces final clash checks.


Intelligent data analytics increases a project’s efficiency and productivity by reducing time spent on menial tasks. This enables schedule compression, reducing costs and increasing client satisfaction.


Comprehensive and intelligent data facilitates enhanced ongoing asset management, which ensures project efficiency and maximises safety beyond planning and construction.


Innovative data solutions enable streamlined and collaborative models which automatically and effortlessly identify critical issues throughout your project, allowing quick and easy resolutions.

Data Analytics – Delivery

DBM Vircon’s Approach

DBM Vircon considers the capture, analysis and application of data as the driving force of the digital built environment. Data is one of the greatest assets to a project and when managed properly, can provide huge benefits. Our BIM experience allows us to pinpoint and structure valuable project data for a variety of uses by different stakeholders throughout the project.

We have created innovative data solutions and combined them with our industry-leading BIM practices to provide measurable value to our clients that was never before possible. DBM Vircon’s data analytics build on traditional Building Information Modeling (BIM) values to consider the capture, inspection, cleanse, transformation and modeling of data to enable faster, more objective decision making by project stakeholders. Through our data management, BIM project data can facilitate and enhance interoperability, productivity and collaboration throughout all aspects of a project’s lifecycle.

Our Deliverables

Connect, Control, Improve

Through the integration and transformation of your data, DBM Vircon can help enable your company to make the most of this valuable asset with as little change as possible. Continual improvement is the key to sustainability, and we understand the importance of effective change management, while considering and aligning to the latest in technology advancements.

Our goal is to facilitate the connection of useful data, give back the control of this data to your team and enable your company to improve through the valuable insight it can deliver.

Benefits Through the Whole Project Lifecycle

With the help of DBM Vircon’s data analytics team, you can benefit from your asset data right from project feasibility studies through to the operation phase by:

  • Streamlined, useful models that connect data from a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Controlled, cross-platform data integration that facilitates a range of benefits such as centralized reporting
  • Greater clarity on what data is available and the associated potential
  • Improved data integrity, change management and control leading to a greater digital asset value
  • Foundations for machine learning, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through structured, trustworthy data
Project Data Management
  • Improved mobilization processes to ensure streamlined data management for the lifecycle of the project
  • Enhanced BIM connected scheduling and reporting throughout all stages of a project
  • Increased control and automated data verification and validation of project and asset information
  • Improved asset information handover through proactive tracking, early access and pre-handover testing and training
Data Visualization and Business Intelligence
  • Secure, interactive connected dashboard reporting
  • 3D model visualization for status and issue tracking
  • Automated, periodic BIM processes collating both geometry and data into useful, up-to-date digital products
Enhanced Services

Integrated Services

  • Predictive Analytics
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Custom data storage and management

Tool Creation

  • Data connections, display and reporting through mobile devices
  • QR code and Barcode scanning
  • Custom API connection scripts to live dashboards

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