Data Analytics

Innovative Data Solutions for Collaboration, Accountability and Transparency

DBM Vircon’s data analytics build on traditional Building Information Modelling (BIM) values to consider the capture, inspection, cleanse, transformation and the modeling of data as a driving force behind the future of the Digital Built Environment. We combine the innovative data solutions we have created for our clients with our industry leading BIM practices to provide previously unachievable, measurable value to our clients.

Through the combination of industry leading processes and data analytics with perfectly precise 3D models, we enable BIM project data to facilitate and enhance interoperability, productivity and collaboration throughout all aspects of a project’s lifecycle. Increased accountability and transparency between delivery teams becomes a by-product of this collaborative process, promoting parties to act. Moreover, in the event of a dispute, weekly digital twin models can be used for management and quantity reporting.

Enhance Efficiency Throughout Your Project’s Lifecycle

Confident Quotes

Our comprehensive and highly precise data enables you to reduce project costs and provide accurate quotes during project bids. Gain the confidence of owners and builders with highly competitive and accurate quotes.

Efficient and Effective Construction

Millimetre precise models with comprehensive data construction drives efficiency by mitigating mistakes and the need for changes, reworks or delays. This also reduces the need for RFIs.

Detect and Avoid Issues from the Outset

The integration and collaboration of data from all design disciplines enables streamlined team communication, which resolves documentation errors and reduces final clash checks.

Eradication of 2D Engineering Drawings

Through the adoption of industry-leading technologies, DBM Vircon can import engineering drawings into the construction model, ensuring engineering and fabrication drawings are precisely aligned.

Improved Asset Management

Comprehensive and intelligent data facilitates enhanced ongoing asset management, which ensures project efficiency and maximises safety beyond planning and construction.

Enhanced Scheduling

Intelligent data analytics increases a project’s efficiency and productivity by reducing time spent on menial tasks. This enables schedule compression, reducing costs and increasing client satisfaction.

Verified and Validated Models

Innovative data solutions enable streamlined and collaborative models which automatically and effortlessly identify critical issues throughout your project, allowing quick and easy resolutions.

Streamlined Data Integration

Our 3D models incorporate data from all design and construction aspects of a project’s lifecycle, including project-phasing, material, exact size, acoustics, installation details, warranties and more.

Precision Perfect Data Analytics

With the help of DBM Vircon’s Digital Engineering team, you will be well-equipped to increase collaboration, interoperability and productivity throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Highly integrated and streamlined models that incorporate data from a wide variety of stakeholders, including:
  • Project phasing
  • Material
  • Exact size
  • Acoustics
  • Fire ratings
  • Warranties
  • Installation details
  • Art numbers
  • Company and vendor information
Efficient data integration facilitates a range of benefits:
  • Detection of design and engineering mistakes and clashes early on in a project’s lifecycle
  • Improved and reduced engineering documentation
  • Decreases RFIs, design changes and holds
  • Engineering and fabrication drawings are generated from one mode, eliminating recreation and duplication of drawings
  • Increased transparency between stakeholders
Our intelligent data produces a refined workflow that:
  • Has been proven to produces superior outcomes for a number of prominent global firms and projects
  • Expedites and compresses timeframes and schedules
  • Minimizes environmental impact through reduced waste
  • Mitigates mistakes and reduces need for reworks and delays
Enhanced model coordination facilitated by:
  • Integration of myriad software platforms and file formats, enabling compatibility and interoperability
  • Proven success of innovative technology and data on large and complex projects
  • Leading hardware and software for access to the latest technological innovations