BRW Most Innovative Companies Top 50

Digital Engineering-Perth Children’s Hospital

2014 is the first year DBM Vircon entered into the BRW Most Innovative Companies.  BRW and the specialist innovation consultancy firm, Inventium worked in conjunction in establishing the list define Innovation as “change that adds value”.

In order to be considered organizations had to specify two innovations that have been implemented in the previous 12 months, answer open ended questions about how they have embedded innovation into strategy, organization structures and capability as well as a confidential employee survey.

This year was more competitive than ever with over 350 applicants registered, 50% more than the previous year.

DBM Vircon’s innovative thinking and developments with Building Information Modelling (BIM) is leading the industry into new territory. At DBM Vircon, BIM is about adding, validating and using the intelligence in models in order to deliver efficiencies in construction, infrastructure and asset management. To compliment this, BIM adds efficient processes, workflows and data sets to the 3D models to add further dimensions beyond the 3D environment.

See the top 50 here.

The two implemented innovations DBM Vircon entered into the BRW Most Innovative Companies are:

BIM Flow

DBM Vircon considered the capability of building in an automated workflow engine into iConstruct software to schedule and run through each of the required process steps.

The BIMFlow engine connects to Navisworks and iConstruct and essentially ‘remote controls’ the various commands and templates that a user would normally be required to execute (and remember the order / specific templates to execute). Therefore BIMFlow serves the purpose of not only saving significant hours but also enforcing consistency of the output.

BIMFlow was extended to run separate executable processes that launched and consequently ‘remote controlled’ native CAD software such as Tekla and Prostructures, to prepare the models and ensure the model files were in the correct format before processing.

BIM flow can be scheduled to run overnight to ensure all models are processed and required reports are run and available at the commencement each day.

This automation saves up to 150 man hours each week and ensures up to date review models for improved interface checking, faster design verification, and an overall streamlined validation process allowing for jobs to be finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

DBM Vircon has implemented the BIM flow across the Perth Childrens Hospital and the INPEX Ichthys LNG Project.

Review Track

DBM Vircon’s ReviewTrack provides a leading edge design review tool that supports our  integrated project design approach with our clients and offers a unique point of difference.  ReviewTrack now ensures all model review comments and snapshots are centralized with easy interactive access to review these comments by either Data Browser and or Model Viewer tools.

DBM Vircon now provides multi person, multi discipline synchronized reviews from anywhere in the world to any or all models on the project at once.

This system allows monitoring from a central source where any input from the centralized data base is also visible for anyone looking at these models using the ReviewTrack system. The biggest impact of Review Track is in the quality control of the Review Process. Our clients complete control of review fields and View Point presentation where customization is project specific, to suit client and project requirements. The user friendly nature of ReviewTrack now means staff engages fully in the review process.