University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinals Stadium)

CLIENT: Schuff Steel
LOCATION: Glendale, Arizona, USA
project overview:

The University of Phoenix indoor stadium has a retractable roof, a roll-out natural-grass playing field and seating for 63,400 (expandable to 73,000).

Cardinals Stadium Project Details:

The Arizona Cardinals Stadium was designed by Eisenman Architects and Populous and is considered an architectural icon for the region. It features the first retractable roof ever built on an incline and a natural roll-in grass field.

The 63,400-seat venue can be expanded by 8,800 seats for larger events, and further offers no obstructed view seats to attendees. Seats additionally could have been added to areas in the upper deck of the end zone but were not due to the giant super columns supporting the roof structure.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon’s primary scope included the roof steelworks two main longitudinal truss, the transverse trusses, the retractable roof steelwork and the retractable field tray steelwork. Mechanical components for the retractable roof and field were modeled by DBM Vircon to ensure correct interface with the structural steelwork. Due to the complex roof geometry the open web joists and joist girders were also modeled to ensure correct fit up with the structural steel.

Christopher Pfeiff