Brisbane International Cruise Ship Terminal

CLIENT: Port of Brisbane
LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia
project overview:

The Brisbane International Cruise Ship Terminal (BICT) Project is a $158 million flagship development of the Port of Brisbane (PoB). DBM Vircon’s Digital Engineering team leveraged digital technologies to assist project delivery by optimising and de-risking design and construction processes.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

Work directly for the Port of Brisbane, DBM Vircon’s scope included the implementation of a Digital Engineering Management Plan outlining the Level of Development (LOD) at each stage of the project and defining the projects digital coordination requirements. As well as the setup of the Digital Environment, including the creation of the CDE and ensuring that the quality of digital deliverables were maintained. The digital environment put in place, governed by the BIM Management Plan and monitored by the Digital Engineering Manager, provided a foundation that allowed for the adoption of additional value-adding applications which provided solutions to improve design quality, reduce manual man-hours and alleviate risk. Lastly, the scope also included the weekly Federation and coordination of the project models with frequent Virtual Construction Reviews (VCR’s).

Brisbane International Cruise Ship Terminal Project Highlights:

Two different as-built verification methods were introduced to the Project. This included site-walks carried out with a tablet and IFC model based viewer to photograph and visually compare the model with the site; or Bennet and Bennet capturing site conditions with the use of laser scanners, overlaying the generated point cloud into the Federated Model. Both methods produced valuable outcomes and continue to greatly assist with the closing-out of the Project.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Modelling assistance to generate geometry and associated data (piling, stormwater drainage, landscaping, and room naming)
  • Advanced training for all project users and subcontractors to ensure correct use of the Federated Model, Revit authoring tool and issue tracking system
  • Assisted setting up views in the Federated Model for CCTV camera
  • Wayfinding reviewed through the Federated Model to determine signage positioning and color choices

Alastair Brook

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