Lord’s Compton and Edrich Stands

CLIENT: Severfield UK Ltd
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom
COMPLETION DATE: November 2020
project overview:

In 2013, The Lord’s Masterplan was unveiled, which aims to redevelop the ground and improve its facilities over a twenty-year period. As part of the masterplan, the Warner Stand was demolished and replaced between 2015 and 2017 with a new stand. The second phase of the masterplan involved demolishing the Compton and Edrich Stands in 2019, followed by their replacement in 2021; these stands added 2,000 seats and for the first time were linked via walkways.

With the addition of new stands, Lord’s Cricket Ground has been redeveloped to accommodate 30,000 spectators. The stands feature three tiers of covered seating, the new stands provide greater visibility and reduced the number of restricted view spectator seats from 600 to 100. Featuring two restaurants and twelve food and drink outlets, they offer a truly modern cricket watching experience.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

Steel modeling & detailing services were provided by DBM Vircon to Severfield UK Ltd for both stands which comprise 2,300 tonnes of structural steel. The company also delivered the steel modeling & detailing for the erection of the canopy roof.

Challenges & Strengths:

The project was constructed in multiple phases, considering the schedule of the final international cricket match of the season. By taking a flexible approach, the DBM Vircon team kept track of the flow of information from all parties.

Christopher Pfeiff