Kosciuszko Bridge Phase I – Eastbound

CLIENT: High Steel Structures
LOCATION: Brooklyn and Queens, New York City
project overview:

Kosciuszko Bridge Phase I – Eastbound is the first cable-stayed roadway bridge in New York City. It services an estimated 180,000 vehicles per day.

Kosciuszko Bridge Phase I Scope of Work:

  • 3D modeling and shop detailing of approximately 2,700 tons of structural steel including floor beams, edge girders, pipe anchors and a full-length traveler system 46,000 shop attached studs

Project Stats:

  • NYSDOT’s largest design-build project to date
  • “K” Bridge 1 established statewide model for design-build projects
  • Single pylon design with main span of 1000-ft supported by 56 cables in total
  • 4,000-short-ton (3,600-long-ton) counterweight built under western section since the eastern section was longer and heavier
  • Aesthetic colored lighting design system that will allow for dynamic light shows to illuminate the stay cables and pylon towers at night
  • 100-year service life

Kosciuszko Bridge Phase I Project Highlights & Challenges:

  • The design-build contract was NYSDOT’s largest ever, and one of its first design-build contracts
  • Modeling of the cable supports and finalizing geometry while the project was still being designed
  • Coordinating shop welded studs with the precast panels
  • Complex modeling at the rocket launchers and girders
  • Coordinating with the design team as the job was released in design unit portions

Gino Pezzente

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