Intercontinental Hotel Sydney

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia
project overview:

Intercontinental Hotel Sydney Project Overview:

A laser scan and back modelling exercise of the InterContinental Hotel in Sydney, technically challenging as the building was constructed in 1851 and contains many of the intricate construction details associated with the era, including intricate cornicing, curved entryways and detailed facades.

DBM Vircon Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon’s scope of work included the modelling of the 31-level hotel, restaurant, meeting and conference facilities as well as the surrounding external features. Level of development was to LOD 200/300 for differing scope items. The intent of the model was to accurately capture the existing structure with the model being used to inform future renovation planning and upgrades, while maintaining the hotels commitments to the heritage details and  interface points.

Alastair Brook

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