Life at DBM Vircon : Megan Muller


Megan Muller, Business Partner – People

What is your favorite thing about working for DBM Vircon and the work you do?

I am asked this question frequently when I am interviewing potential candidates and my answer every time is our culture. At DBM Vircon we have a set of core values that we model in every aspect of the business: Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Empathy.

My favorite part of my job is creating and putting on events and initiatives across the group. These events and initiatives are meant to create a sense of belonging and reinforce our core values across all offices. They always encourage social engagement between our team members and end up being a ton of fun.

“I am frequently asked what my favorite thing is about working at DBM Vircon and my answer every time is our culture.”

How has your career been during your time at DBM Vircon?

My career at DBM Vircon has been exciting and challenging in the best of ways. I work with individuals across the globe to deliver a top-of-the-line people agenda that aligns with key business initiatives. It’s encouraging to provide support in the growth and development of team members in all our divisions.

What are some of your personal and professional achievements?

My biggest personal achievement was saving up all throughout college to take my mom on an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Neither of us had ever been before and I wanted to give her this trip as a thank you present for her support and kindness.

Although I did spend the first half of 2022 diligently studying for my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. I successfully passed my exam in July!