Life At DBM Vircon: Mei Sun

Senior Construction Modeler – Vancouver

What is your favorite thing about working for DBM Vircon and the work you do?

My favourite thing is the health benefit to me from working in our company. The company is in walking distance to my home and the job position is perfect for me. The new office is professionally designed as a healthy and sustainable environment with the company‘s green colours which are great for my eyes. The relaxing music and videos of nature on TV in the kitchen give me a good mood and a little break while getting a coffee or tea, while the variety of coffee and tea are specifically selected for health physically and mentally.

The company makes me feel cared for and valued, people are friendly and help each other.

How has your career been during your time at DBM Vircon?

The high-quality requirement for work in the company makes me feel comfortable and I have learned a lot from my work.

What are some of your personal and professional achievements?

I gained my “second” my health benefitted and my congenital heart problem, I just got 7th place out of 110 participants for the Steptember” event organized by the company and now feel capable at work.