Life At DBM Vircon: Ines Hernandez

Senior Construction Modeler – Auckland

What is your favorite thing about working for DBM Vircon and the work you do?

Moving to New Zealand for work was a huge change in my life that I had to adjust to quickly, but I am very grateful to have had such warm and inviting coworkers to welcome me here. 

I have also enjoyed the different roles I have been able to undertake and the range of skills I have been able to exercise in my work. My work has always pushed me both professionally and personally as I work to achieve high standards in our projects. 

“I love our friendly work culture and the efficiency of our collaboration and communication in our projects together.”

How has your career been during your time at DBM Vircon?

Throughout my career, I’ve taken on complex projects in a range of roles. From detailing to team coordination, and from working in the office to working from home during the pandemic, I have faced and overcome many challenges through which I have developed proficiency as a detailer.

What are some of your personal and professional achievements?

Personally, I’ve been proud to be able to provide for my family, taking them on holidays to other countries and around New Zealand and sharing memorable experiences with them. In my professional life, I’ve been able to take on and adapt to various responsibilities such as checking and coordinating when called for.