Life At DBM Vircon: Aries Faraon

Estimating Manager – Manila

What is your favorite thing about working for DBM Vircon and the work you do?

One of the many things that I like working at DBM Vircon is that I never get bored. Imagine dealing with different personalities, cultures, interests, limits, and trying to define them and then work with them.

My job is mostly about creating proposals and change orders, it also involves managing and mentoring people and working with offshore offices which keep things interesting as I always find new learnings. 

I love the great work environment, the opportunities to always reinvent yourself and working with smart people and friendly people. It’s different when you enjoy what you do and get appreciated for it.

How has your career been during your time at DBM Vircon?

I always believe that what’s meant for you will not pass you by. My career path was not easy, nobody said it would be an easy life to begin with. Throughout my career, I have constantly strived to learn and grow to become the best that I can be. In the past I would not always assert myself or share ideas. I was fortunate enough to have a very supportive manager that listened. I was trusted and was able to share ideas and new concepts. I was able to utilize my creative capacity and be able to communicate with the team and other leaders. I now see how these skills not only contribute to my career, but also in the advancement of company goals. 

What are some of your personal and professional achievements?

I consider doing a task aligned to my profession as one of my personal achievements. I am also certified as an ISO 9001 auditor and was doing process audits for quite some time. I don’t like being stagnant, so I always make sure that I learn new things and it is worth it. I guess along the process I grew up and learned a lot of life lessons. I learned that not everything will go as planned and that’s okay. I learned to compromise but not tolerate.  

My greatest professional achievement would be is when I lead the Manila estimating team, and putting a change order system that the Manila office is using. It’s always rewarding when we received client feedback acknowledging how our system helps them claim their variations