Life at DBM Vircon : Alia Acton

Alia Acton, Project Manager, Commercial

What is your favorite thing about working for DBM Vircon and the work you do?

My favourite thing about working for DBM Vircon is that it has allowed me the ability to work on a global scale from a small city.

For instance, I find so much joy in interacting with my co-workers and our clients. I truly cherish that through my work I have been able to build relationships/friendships with people all over the world. I work in a home office, yet on any given day I get to interact with people in 5 different countries or more. I get to hear about their families and what it is like where they are from. I also get to share my life and tell people about where I am from.

I also really enjoy the fact that the work I do contributes to building a physical thing that is constructed somewhere in the world. I am helping to build someone’s office space, or a hospital where babies will be born, and lives will be saved. I get to have an impact on buildings in cities that I would never otherwise be linked to, and I find that extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

“My favourite thing about working for DBM Vircon is that it has allowed me the ability to work on a global scale from a small city.”

How has your career been during your time at DBM Vircon?

I have really enjoyed working for DBM Vircon. When I worked in the office in Perth on the industrial detailing projects, I learned a lot and the office was a fun welcoming place to work. I made many great memories and friends. After moving with my family back to Canada I was very fortunate to keep working with DBM Vircon. Over the past 9 years working remotely I have been able to work on many different projects as both a Project Coordinator and Project Manager. I have been able to work with almost all our offices in some way and many of the Schuff offices building working relationships that I value greatly.

What are some of your personal and professional achievements?

I don’t really have a lot of achievements to list off. I suppose some of my personal achievements would be organizing and planning a hockey tournament for 15 teams’ of 11/12 year old kids. I have also done a lot of other volunteering with the local schools and sports programs.
I started playing hockey (in Canada we don’t specify “ice” hockey..hahaha) at the crisp young age of 35.

Professionally, I was 17 when I started detailing. I did work experience through my high school at a local detailing office. Which was an odd match because I truly despised drafting class.

When I graduated, I started applying for a job and was initially hired to cover for people’s summer holidays. At the end of summer, I had proven myself a worthy cause and was hired full time. So, I put in my notice at the local McDonalds and became a full-time detailer. I worked for that company for 10 years before moving to Perth in 2011 to work for DBM Vircon. After a few years there I moved back to Canada and was lucky enough to keep working for DBM Vircon. I have been with DBM Vircon for 11 years now and hopefully many more.