A Need for Asset Safety and Security

When it comes to ongoing asset management, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often play a major role in planned maintenance activities, such as plant shut downs or bridge refurbishments and replacements. These types of ongoing asset management programs can be affected by delays, rework and other general inefficiencies. Many of these issues often arise due to inaccurate models, insufficient communication and human error rooted in the design stage of a project’s lifecycle. 

3D Models That Enable Enhanced Efficiency

By providing your clients with DBM Vircon’s incredibly precise and detailed models, you can streamline ongoing asset management protocols post-construction. You and your client will experience improved safety, productivity, responsiveness and decision making through one touch graphical access to asset information, engineering and facility data. Plus, shutdowns and maintenance will be safer with pre-planning that incorporates animating and rehearsing the process remotely.

Satisfy All Stakeholders and Protect Your IP

DBM Vircon understands that you need to protect the complex intellectual property (IP) associated with your equipment, while delivering enough accurate, detailed information to your clients so that they can implement best practice asset management protocols. The comprehensive detail and precise accuracy of our construction models enable us to stretch, modify, combine and reuse portions in such a way that your valuable IP is protected. 

Efficiency and Safety Via Integration and Visualization

Increased Site Safety

Remote visualisation enables safe off-site planning and co-ordination of field tasks, enabling virtual training walk-throughs, including pre-planning, animation and rehearsal of site shutdowns.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

DBM Vircon’s integrated model is universally accessible, enabling efficient and effective communication between all stakeholders, facilitating early detection of clashes and mistakes and easy maintenance.

Efficient Shut-Downs

Our animations are able to reduce scheduling slippage and safety risks associated with maintenance shut-downs by ensuring that all involved stakeholders receive accurate, up-to-date information.

Mitigation of Errors

The integration and streamlining of data from all disciplines involved in the project enables the resolution of inadequate design documentation, reducing clashes and mistakes from the outset.

Expedited Timeframes

Data such as manuals, maintenance schedules and engineering drawings are readily and easily accessible, decreasing the time needed on tasks such as routing, sequencing and spatial analytics.

Validation and Verification of Designs

Accurate and realistic 3D modelling provides comprehensive visualisation and comprehension of all aspects of a project, enabling efficient verification and eradicating duplication, delays and mistakes.

Accessible and Navigable Technology

Data-rich and accurate, our models are lightweight and easy to use, enabling all stakeholders accessibility to visualise, validate and approve designs, reducing miscommunication and design errors.

Versatile Model Construction

Models can be obtained from repurposing existing construction models or created from engineering drawings and laser scans of the project. This delivers precision without needing to start from scratch.

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