DBM Vircon – Rebrand of PDC Group, BDS Vircon & CandraftVSI

Rebrand - PDC Group BDS Vircon CandraftVSI to be known as DBM Vircon



We are pleased to announce the rebranding of PDC Group, BDS Vircon, and CandraftVSI to be now known as one brand – DBM Vircon.

These brands have been brought together as DBM Vircon to fully leverage the synergistic output of more seamless and comprehensive solutions utilizing technology for optimized project delivery. Together we are a premier construction modeling, detailing and digital engineering company that delivers sophisticated projects with state-of-the-art technology, uncompromising detail and nano precision.

DBM Vircon has operations across four continents in eight countries forming one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated 3D Modeling, Detailing and Digital Engineering companies in the world. We are uniquely positioned to manage large-scale and labor-intensive projects.