CLIENT: Westrock & Graywolf
LOCATION: Charleston, Florida
project overview:

A planned upgrade was scheduled to improve the existing pulp and paper facility to increase the capacity and profitability of the plant.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon was engaged to finalize the SMP design upgrades of the plant and provide material take-offs and fabrication deliverables that would allow Graywolf construction to limit the amount of field construction and fabrication requirements as well as provide visibility of any interfacing issues.

Highlights & Challenges:

Due to the complexity and amount of existing infrastructure to avoid/interface with, DBM Vircon surveyed the site and utilized the point cloud data to design and remove any anticipated clashes in the field. DBM Vircon uploaded the final design to a tablet and provided Project Engineering support during a site walk-down to ensure the design was fit for purpose before producing piping fabrication MTOs and isometrics.

Greg Newcomb