Hudson Yards – Tower A

CLIENT: Thornton Tomasetti
project overview:

The Hudson Yards development at the stage of completion was the largest real estate development program in New York.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

Working with client Thornton Tomasetti, DBM Vircon’s original scope for the project was limited to shop detailing services for the retail podium and tower on the 73-story Tower A of 30 Hudson Yards, the second tallest office building in New York City.

The scope was extended to include the steel connection design and QA/QC checking of the model, prior to the LOD 400 model release to fabricators, for shop detailing of the podium level 10 trusses bringing the total scope of work to 27,000 tons of structural steel work.

Hudson Yards – Tower A Highlights & Challenges:

The time allowed from award of the steel connection design to the delivery date was just over a week, which put DBM Vircon under extreme pressure to deliver quality design on schedule. The deadline was achieved through combined use of innovative thinking, hard work and virtual teaming.

The connection design was performed in accordance with the AISC standards and using imperial units. The breadth of knowledge and international project experience aided delivery to the tight schedule.

The time-zone difference between Perth and New York proved no challenge for the Australian and Asia Pacific based teams. Communication efforts where enhanced through the teams working outside of normal office hours and answering emails as timely as possible.

The model was ‘live’, which allows designers and engineers from different parts of the world to work simultaneously and gain the benefit of seeing what is happening in real time.

Christopher Pfeiff