Denver Union Station

CLIENT: Schuff Steel
LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
project overview:

Denver Union Station, a cornerstone of the Mile High City since its establishment in 1881, stands as the central transportation hub for the Denver metropolitan area.  Originally serving as a vital link for the railroad industry, the station underwent a comprehensive revitalization project in 2009.  This initiative transformed it into the centerpiece of a new transit-oriented mixed-use development built on the site’s former railyards.


DBM Vircon Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon played a vital role in the Denver Union Station redevelopment project, an initiative led by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), by providing detailing services for a diverse range of structures within the complex.

  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) Canopies: DBM Vircon ensured the structural integrity and functionality of these canopies, prioritizing wind resistance, snow loads, and passenger comfort.
  • Wewatta Pavilion, Chestnut Pavilion, and DUS Pavilion: Our detailing for these unique elements focused on steel framing, cladding selection, and integration with surrounding structures.
  • North Amtrak Canopy: DBM Vircon provided modeling services for the North Amtrak Canopy, ensuring a weather-protected passenger experience for Amtrak services.
  • Pedestrian Bridge: Our model ensured the safety and accessibility of the pedestrian bridge, facilitating movement within the station complex.
  • Train Hall: This section of the project demanded meticulous attention to detail. DBM Vircon provided comprehensive modeling services for this 500-foot-long by 180-foot-wide structure. The complexity of the Train Hall is evident in its extensive use of 20” diameter columns and 18” tubular trusses spanning nearly 180 feet, clad with a unique, light-permeable, and fire-resistant Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric.

The scale of the project is further reflected in the comprehensive design effort required, resulting in a total of 23,200 steel parts and 3,518 drawings.


Project Challenges/Highlights:

The project presented several challenges, including extensive design development and coordination between different teams, intricate detailing of various components, and a tight construction schedule. This project was a 2014 DBIA award winner and 2015 AISC IDEAS² Awards winner.

Christopher Pfeiff