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BIM Knowledge and Skills Framework

In an Australian first, the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) have this week released the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Knowledge and Skills Framework.

BIM has the potential to revolutionize the Australian construction sector and is transforming the process by which buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and maintained. The Framework is a critical part of the construction sector’s approach to improvement. It is a Framework of principles, practices, and outcomes with which to build an education curriculum, professional development and business BIM requirements.

ACIF Chair, Ian Pedersen, said that the APCC and ACIF membership represents a significant section of the building and construction industry.  As the Strategic Forum for the Building and Construction Sector, APCC and ACIF together take a ‘whole of industry’ approach to facilitating positive change and encouraging greater productivity improvements in the industry.

“The Framework highlights the importance of having consistent skills and education relevant to BIM across the construction sector”, said Mr Pedersen.

APCC Executive Director, Teresa Scott, said that this Framework allows Australian businesses and educators to pay attention to BIM, with an eye to improving quality in project delivery and improve productivity.

“When the building and construction sector flourishes, so does the economy. That is why it is critical that industry and governments create the conditions that will make our industry competitive and more productive,” said Ms Scott.

The positive impact that efficiency improvements can have on the competitiveness of the building and construction industry are considerable. With an estimated construction spend in Australia of $207 billion in 2016-17 and a typical waste of effort reported at 30%, it is critical that efficient and effective processes are utilized. For example, a conservative 5% productivity improvement (in the 30% waste) driven by BIM would result in a $3.1 billion savings each year.

Given the benefits of Building Information Modeling to the construction sector, a Knowledge and Skills Framework is necessary to ensure that Australia harnesses BIM’s potential and strategically engages and applies this new technology in a consistent manner.

The joint initiative between APCC and ACIF will assist the sector to optimize BIM technology, ensuring that expertise is shared across the industry in a consistent manner.  The Framework is a critical element in the construction sector’s approach to improvement and is the guide to establishing a national standard for BIM knowledge and skills.

A copy of the Framework is available online at and

The Building Information Model Knowledge and Skills Framework was developed by a small, dedicated Working Group whose visions for BIM span beyond their usual domains.