Making Design Constructible

Precon Planning

Visualize Your Concept Design for Efficient Construction

Preconstruction modeling allows you and your team to visualize your design concept. It allows your designers, engineers and architects to call on us for advice on erection schemes, value engineering and constructibility or erectability issues. With our vast experience and knowledge, we can analyze any problem areas and provide options and solutions.

This type of virtual trial fit-up and erection helps your design team and steel fabricator work together more efficiently. The 3D precon model allows both teams to view complex details, allowing them to check for accessibility of the welding or bolting parts of design development prior to fabrication. Rebar, concrete, MEFP and several other trades can also be modeled during preconstruction.

Leverage Preconstruction Planning to Optimize Early Stage Designs

Reduced Costs

A more complete design enables project bids to come in at much lower range, because quotes are accurate. This gives the owner and builder the confidence to move ahead with an accurate price.

Maximized Construction Efficiency

Our highly precise model maximises efficiencies throughout the construction process by minimising the need for design clarifications and changes, which reduces or eliminates the need for RFIs.

Reduced Lead Times

Obtain preliminary information and reports regarding Advanced Bill of Materials for early procurement of steel to reduce long lead times, especially for critical high-performance steel items.

Minimized Model Duplication

Minimising the overdevelopment of your model ensures your detailer never need re-interpret engineers’ intent, streamlining fabrication and erection for an efficient, on-time, on-budget build.

Early Identification of Constructibility Issues

Integrating data from all disciplines and streamlining communication resolves poor design documentation and reduces clashes, so fabricators deliver accurate steelwork, platework, rebar, tanks, vessels, piping and more.

Streamlined Project Management

With all teams collaborating via one design model, critical project issues can be effortlessly identified throughout your project, with necessary changes to the construction schedule managed with ease.

Compressed Schedule

Long-lead items from engineering are released earlier, reducing the 3D modeling and shop detailing phase and allowing fabrication to commence earlier. This compresses the schedule and reduces costs.

Improved Procurement

Millimetre perfect models that are free from constructibility issues and clashes enable all contractors to accurately quote on and procure materials (without overruns), reducing waste and delivery delays.

Improved Communication and Cooperation

With the help of DBM Vircon’s team of experts, you will be well-equipped to analyze, clarify and optimize early stage designs to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective construction process possible.

Our models deliver the safest, logistically streamlined construction process possible by:
  • Outlining site access
  • Determining loading areas, crane placement and myriad other elements
Our millimeter perfect, data rich, intelligent model can be used throughout your construction process for a multitude of functions:
  • Clash detection
  • Walk throughs
  • Procurement monitoring
  • Crane-reach analysis
  • Centre of gravity assessments
  • Erection scheduling
  • Lighting analysis
  • Animation for erection sequencing
Our integrated project delivery delivers a myriad of benefits for:
  • Minimization of RFIs, holds and design changes
  • Reduction of engineering documentation
  • Elimination of re-entry and recreation of drawings, with engineering and fabrication drawings generated from the one model
  • Increased transparency and efficiency in procuring fabrication
Early engagement that delivers a collaborative, efficient engineering design process and virtually eliminates the standard RFl procedure:
  • The engineering model (LOD200 specification) can be developed to approximately 80% complete, before it is handed over to DBM Vircon to lock in steel prices as early as possible and expedite procurement
  • We then work collaboratively with all project stakeholders to develop a construction model to LOD400 specification
Immense model coordination expertise bolstered by:
  • Experience and exposure to various software platforms and file formats with a thorough understanding of their compatibility and interoperability
  • Experience on large complex projects which often stretch technology boundaries
  • The ability to maneuver and manipulate files to produce a detailed model of a manageable file size
  • High-end hardware platforms and access to the latest technology

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