3D Visualization

Real-time Realistic and Technically Accurate Visualizations

One of the many advantages of creating a digital twin, which is essentially a virtual replica of the building, plant, bridge or any other type of asset, is the ability to visualize and manipulate the model in a 3D environment to communicate complex issues to variety of stakeholders. Leveraging a range of powerful BIM tools, DBM Vircon produces cutting edge, high resolution 3D animations utilizing detailed 3D models. This approach delivers you incredibly realistic and technically accurate representations of your project in still images or in animated ‘fly-through’ movie clips.

We work closely with you, starting every project with a discussion on storyboard themes and ideas catered to your specific requirements. Drawing from a wide variety of projects across several industries, we deliver tailor-made, technically accurate custom graphics, renders, simulations, dashboards and other visual overlays to give your project the edge it needs. We can even assist with forensic animations to help you succeed in disputes, litigation and variation claims.

Visual Clarification Delivers Proven Productivity Improvements

Blending visualization technology, engineering precision and creative flair, DBM Vircon leverages the power of intelligent, data-driven 3D models to create animations and visualizations across the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle. Providing diverse experience and team integration, our visual products deliver real-time realistic and technically accurate representations of complex solutions, resulting in increased levels of communication, clarity and engagement for all stakeholders. The identification of key concerns regarding design intent and constructibility in the design process, fabrication or erection of a project help to eliminate costly fixes and schedule delays, while enabling prompt and cost-efficient delivery.

Easily Communicate Designs

Our photorealistic renderings, animations, 3D models, documentation and cut-aways enable you to explore, validate and communicate designs to your clients, as well as other project stakeholders.

A Lifelike View

With visualisations that incorporate lifelike textures and details like light and shadows, your clients can see the space from every possible angle and get a feel for size and layout, expediting approvals.

Win Competitive Bids

Win more competitive bids by incorporating our superior quality, highly accurate 3D visualisations of facility walkthroughs, 4D modelling, site logistics and more in your next marketing presentation.

A Powerful Tool

Utilising quality imagery sourced early in the engineering design of a project, animations are a powerful tool for project reporting, corporate coverage and regulatory presentations and briefings.

Smooth Maintenance Shut-Downs

When it comes to maintenance shut-downs, our animations reduce schedule slippage and safety risks, by ensuring all stakeholders (which can be hundreds of people on large job sites) are engaged.

Modern Construction Methodology

With all stakeholders able to visualise the construction timeline, critical issues and clashes can be effortlessly identified, with necessary changes to your construction schedule being managed with ease.

Succeed in Disputes, Litigation and Variation Claims

Visual testimony provided by animations helps the audience familiarise themselves with your site and understand the sequence of events, increasing the chance of success in disputes, litigation and claims.

Streamline Government Approvals

Proposed developments can be rejected due to uncertainty around their appearance. Accurate, realistic 3D visualisations reduce this uncertainty, increasing the likelihood of government approval.

Increase Project Controls and Communication

Our 3D visualizations help you quickly and easily communicate complex data, eradicate any scheduling issues and successfully engage with project stakeholders.

Utilizing superior quality imagery sourced early in the engineering design stage of your project, our animations are a powerful tool for:
  • Streamlined construction methodology
  • Project reporting
  • Corporate coverage
  • Regulatory presentations and briefings
  • Forensic animations for dispute and litigation purposes
Our 3D visualization and forensic animation makes it easy for your audience to familiarize themselves with the site and understand your sequence of events, for dispute and litigation success:
  • Our superior quality animations significantly enhance the comprehension of complex information in intricate construction projects by converting it into a persuasive visual representation
  • We track the impact of a broad range of issues, including faulty workmanship, poor design, design changes and delays, all of which impact project schedule, costs and damages claims
  • We recreate all construction activities including earthwork, fabrication, erection, ducting, cabling and more and then produce persuasive videos and fly-throughs from 4D models
Custom designed systems and processes that enable major projects to be seamlessly controlled and managed and create truly intelligent deliverables, including:
  • Client scoping support to enable effective communication of customer requirements
  • Creating and optimizing the Navisworks federated model for virtual reality
  • The latest software and proprietary technology specifically designed to simultaneously manage hundreds of thousands of design deliverables
  • A Job Management System (JMS) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) that tracks and links all incoming and outgoing deliverables