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DBM Vircon and CBH Group

DBM Vircon and CBH Group have a long and successful working relationship spanning nearly 5 decades. The companies first collaborated in 1974 when DBM Vircon (formerly PDC Group) worked with Forwood Down to supply the fabrication details for two Over Silo Conveyors.

The companies have since collaborated on multiple successful projects requiring integrated design and detail delivery on over 70 different sites across Western Australia. The largest joint project for the companies was Geraldton Port Facilities in 1993, and the most recent in 2022 for Kerman’s, providing design and detailing for the Kwinana Fertilizer Storage Upgrade.

DBM Vircon has access to over 650 offshore construction modelers and detailers. In addition, there is a local specialized team in Perth who have worked previously on CBH projects and can prepare design concept layouts should your team have any pinch points.

3D Visualization

The resource sector is rapidly evolving, with 3D modeling and visualizations becoming the norm. Leveraging gaming technology, for example, has enabled our clients to virtually illustrate and analyze a project in its conceptual design stage even before construction begins. 

Among many other benefits, DBM Vircon’s industrial and mining visualizations can help identify potential construction issues, eliminate on-site safety concerns related to critical lifts, de-risk major shutdown, and dismiss logistical site challenges. With these visual insights, designs and schedules can be refined, resolving issues prior to work commencing, be it construction, safety mitigation, or shutdowns. This proactive approach promotes safety, timely project completion and ultimately, results in cost savings.

Technically accurate 3D visualizations offer an array of applications and benefits for the Resource Sector. From tender support and pre-shutdown planning, through to ongoing asset management, 3D visualizations deliver previously unattainable technical storytelling capabilities.

Types of Visualizations

Contractor Engagement

Enhance communication on significant projects by incorporating a 4D-style, sequential animation that effectively conveys the scopes of work, deliverables, and timelines.

With the input of the project teams, these animations are frequently used for maintenance and capital works projects to reduce schedule slippage and mitigate safety concerns through upfront virtual planning, ensuring that project requirements are fully understood and agreed by all parties.

Construction Methodology

Construction animations provide a multitude of benefits, including the ability to visualize complex construction processes, identifying potential issues before they occur. This enables more accurate planning, scheduling, and coordination among project teams, which can ultimately lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and on-time project delivery.

Through the integration of complex data sets across a range of disciplines, visualizations can be used to effectively communicate project progress and status to all stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and facilitating better decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Stakeholder Relationships

Major projects can have huge impacts on local communities, making the social license to operate vital. Open and transparent communication with the local community from the planning phase through to the completion of the construction process is essential.

3D visualizations can be a highly effective way to communicate complex information to all stakeholders, articulating factors such as environmental and social impacts, pollution and waste mitigation strategies, construction timelines, and local traffic management plans.

Virtual Site Viewer

A state-of-the-art platform that acts as storage vault of laser scan data sets and 3D models presented on an easy-to-use platform, providing visualization and interaction of assets for all stakeholders.

The customized virtual site viewer offers clients the ability to create a tailored experience that seamlessly combines collections of Digital Engineering assets and spatial data sets within a realistic and immersive environment.

Visualization Process Overview

The process outlined in the diagram to the right shows how we facilitate effective coordination and streamlined project execution by providing a structured representation overview of the steps involved.

Our Visualization team utilizes this tool to map out the responsibilities, handoffs, and interactions among the stakeholders to enhance transparency, streamline processes, and achieve project success.

Animation Workflow

DBM Vircon has the ability to visualize and manipulate existing or custom-built models in the 3D environment to help clients communicate complex information to a variety of stakeholders.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the development process involved in creating an animation project, including a guide to the preferred inputs we require from clients to help showcase their project in the best possible light.

Each step is carefully executed to ensure a smooth and efficient progression from the initial idea to the final animated product.

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