Improve Efficiencies throughout the Lifecycle of Your Asset

A Need for Stability and Certainty 

Building and asset owners often bear the brunt of the financial burden when major building and construction projects, planned maintenance activities such as plant shut-downs or bridge refurbishment projects are affected by time delays, materials waste and cost overruns. These issues are often rooted in the early stages of a project’s lifecycle, beginning as clashes that arise due to miscommunication or human error. 

3D Models that Facilitate Efficiency 

We integrate intelligent data into millimeter perfect models that exactly emulate your structural drawings and specifications. This way, you can more easily and efficiently validate, visualize and approve drawings and designs. Our models provide you with the meticulous information your team needs to resolve design conflicts. By eradicating clashes and design errors early on, rework and delays are significantly reduced to improve scheduling certainty and slash project timeframes. This means your costs are reduced and you receive highly accurate sub-contractor quotes, without risk of variations or RFIs. 

Realize Your Asset’s Full Potential

DBM Vircon can help owners and operators improve efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of an asset from the design and construction stages, right through to facility management, operations and maintenance. You’ll experience improved safety, productivity, responsiveness and decision making through one touch graphical access to asset information, engineering and facility data. Plus, shutdowns and maintenance will be safer with pre-planning that incorporates animating and rehearsing the process remotely.

Reduce Your Costs and Stay on Schedule

Eradicate Design Errors

Integrating data from all design disciplines and streamlining team communication resolves poor design documentation and reduces clashes, so complex building systems are right—the first time.

Reduced Costs and Accurate Quotes

When eradication of rework, duplication and delays is combined with reduced design errors, scheduling certainty and slashed timeframes, costs are reduced and contractor quotes are accurate.

Streamline Government Approvals

Proposed developments can be rejected due to uncertainty around their appearance. Accurate, realistic 3D visualisations reduce this uncertainty, increasing the likelihood of government approval.

Modern Construction Methodology

With all stakeholders able to visualise the construction timeline, critical issues and clashes can be effortlessly identified, with necessary changes to your construction schedule being managed with ease.

Improved Site Safety

Significant error and risk can occur during construction and ongoing maintenance. Millimetre perfect modelling ensures minimal rework, reduces hours on-site and helps address safety concerns.

Enhanced Environmental Impact

Lean and repeatable designs consider operational issues as well as construction requirements to reduce waste and site clearances, deliver more efficient design and assist in community engagement.

Smooth Maintenance Shut-Downs

When it comes to maintenance shut-downs, our animations reduce schedule slippage and safety risks, by ensuring all stakeholders (which can be hundreds of people on large job sites) are engaged.

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Making Design Constructible

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