Validate Your Drawings and Specifications with Data-Rich Models

Accuracy and Precision for Structural Integrity 

Many projects experience setbacks, delays and rework due to clashes and miscommunications that occur during its early design stages. Not only does this cause extended timeframes, it can often result budget blow-outs and displeased clients and stakeholders. Often, these issues are caused could be resolved through comprehensive and clearer communication and visualization. 

Reduce Clashes and Increase Productivity 

DBM Vircon integrates intelligent data into millimeter perfect models to emulate your structural drawings and specifications exactly. This way, you can more easily and efficiently validate, visualize and communicate structural engineering designs to your clients, as well as other project stakeholders. When it comes to the engineering process, 2D technical drawings can often be the most time consuming. With DBM Vircon on your team, much of this process can be automated, increasing productivity, reducing human error and compressing project delivery timeframes. 

Expedite Your Next Project 

Data-rich and exceptionally precise, our models provide you with the meticulous information you need to resolve engineering design conflicts, particularly in critical areas such as connections and joints, supporting structures and facades, as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire services. You can even expedite structural design analysis, floor planning and scheduling. DBM Vircon can also provide high quality design and documentation for town planning, design development, construction, as-built and marketing purposes.

Accurate, Optimized Structural Drawings and Specifications

Insightful Automation

Our design software can automate repetitive manual tasks, while increasing accuracy, to boost staff time on design modelling and define rules to generate hundreds of innovative design options.

Repeatable, Reliable Outputs

Our custom-designed governing processes and workflows achieve specific, repeatable and reliable outputs from the model. The result is a 3D asset that accurately reflects the facility to be built.​

A Single Source of Truth

Our project model becomes the single source of truth for your project, ensuring consistent end deliverables, an engaged pathway through design and construction and faster project completion.

Easily Communicate Designs

Our photorealistic renderings, animations, 3D models, documentation and cut-aways enable you to explore, validate and communicate designs to your clients, as well as other project stakeholders.

A Lifelike View

With visualisations that incorporate lifelike textures and details like light and shadows, your clients can see the space from every possible angle and get a feel for size and layout, expediting approvals.

Win Competitive Bids

Win more competitive bids by incorporating our superior quality, highly accurate 3D visualisations of facility walkthroughs, 4D modelling, site logistics and more in your next marketing presentation.

Streamline Government Approvals

Proposed developments can be rejected due to uncertainty around their appearance. Accurate, realistic 3D visualisations reduce this uncertainty, increasing the likelihood of government approval.

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