Supporting University Students Across the Country

PDC Keeps on Supporting University Students Across the Country

Our team at DBM Vircon thrive to impart the project knowledge we have gained to give students at universities across the country real world project exposure. We have teamed up with progressive universities in Australia, Bond University on the Gold Coast, QUT in Brisbane and Curtin University in Western Australia to give students that edge when they enter the job market.

Gabor Gulyas and Nick Rostin from the Digital Engineering group where invited by Rosemary Rusch to guest lecture at Bond University early March of this year. Gabor and Nick took the final year QS students through live local projects, giving them a better understanding of the cutting edge technology and the latest changes to legislation to the Queensland Government’s Policy – Digital Enablement for Queensland Infrastructure – Principles for BIM Implementation all of which we at DBM Vircon are very proud to be major contributors to.