Perth Stadium

CLIENT: Western Australian Government
LOCATION: Perth, Western Australia
project overview:

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon’s scope covers 2 critical aspects of the project. The BIM Management for Brookfield Multiplex on the Stadium, including training and knowledge transfer to the Brookfield Multiplex project team on the project and Shop Detailing in close collaboration with the Architect/Designer and Fabricator for the +15,000 tons of steel supply for this facility.

The approach to the project ensures that systems, relationships and forums will be used to comprehensively develop the BIM Management Plan in collaboration with the State, the Operator, the Facilities Manager and the D&C Team including key subcontractors and suppliers, consultants and key stakeholders. In conjunction with the shop detailing, this best practice BIM Management approach maximises the benefit to the project owners.

The Westadium Consortium are using BIM Management to assist in design, construction, programming, cost, coordination and planning where outlined by the BIM Brief. In addition, Brookfield Multiplex are progressively capturing and tracking asset information through design and construction.

Perth Stadium Project Highlights & Challenges:

  • The ease and speed of erection
  • Minimum interface issues
  • Minimum site work
  • Tight schedule
  • Interface with a number of disciplines was a challenge but was effectively managed due to the above processes
  • Fast Track Design and Construction program
  • Federated Model and Collaboration, reducing multiple interface issues
  • Stakeholder Engagement utilising the Federated Model (AFL, State, Fans)
  • In model status tracking and reporting

Kerry Lindemann

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