National Veterans Memorial and Museum

CLIENT: Gerdau
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio, USA
project overview:

The 53,000 square-feet National Veterans Memorial and Museum is a museum dedicated to the stories of the nation’s veterans. The building is rounded, with three concentric rings and a walking ramp that connects the front door of the plaza to the green roof amphitheater. The concrete ring superstructure is a non-circular ellipse with ever-changing radiuses. The finished product is a distinctive design that honors all veterans who answered the call to service.

National Veterans Memorial and Museum Project Details:

The unique engineering of the museum is defined by a custom design cast-in-place concrete arch superstructure and a complex exterior curtain wall. The building is constructed from nearly 28 million pounds of concrete and features a glass curtainwall system and spiral processional ascending to a rooftop sanctuary. The concrete ring superstructure is a non-circular ellipse with ever-changing radii. For construction purposes, the structure was segregated into 49 individual placements. Pour joints were set after extended structural review periods, and each approved individual placement was planned and executed as a project in itself.

DBM Vircon’s Scope of Work:

DBM Vircon was retained on this job to provide expert 3D modeling of the select foundation areas, and worked closely with Gerdau’s in-house detailing team. The structure’s geometric complexity required dowels from the foundations to be detailed in ‘bands’ to match the varying angled bars in the walls.  The rebar wall cages were assembled in the yard around the construction site and lifted in place to be tied together.

Project Award:

This project was awarded the “Most significant construction project of 2018” by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Sandeep Mathur

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